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As a Network Marketing Professional, one need to start paying more attention to the second word; “Marketing”. You are only looking for those that are looking for you. They are in fact hungry for what your opportunity has to offer. Most of your family and friends are not hungry and if they are, they usually will not admit it. Do you want to rely on them to build your multi-million dollar home based business by following up with them on the phone and eventually havinge them running away from you. That is prospecting by hunting and what you want to be doing is prospecting by fishing.


At the entrance of your funnel pipeline or funded proposal, prospects should enter their name, email address and phone number. The first name and a validated email address is not optional, it must be entered in exchange for the value that your interface or what we call your optin page is offering.

If someone did not enter their phone number, do not worry about this. It simply means they are not worth you phone time yet; or never who cares. You can still make money from them with the autoresponder which is automatically offering products of value to them and you automatically make affiliate commission from. They may step up to the plate later on after receiving automatic e-mail follow-up from you through your automatic follow up system. Go to MLMBrothers.NET to learn more about automatic follow up systems.

People who need the solution you offer are those you should be spending 100% of your precious time with on the phone. If they don’t enter a phone number, they will call you when the time is right for them. If they entered a phone number, they are hungry for the solution your opportunity offers. Make a call to these prospects withing 24 hours just to introduce yourself and establish a relationship. Most of them will be surprised that you called because your funded proposal or funnel interface has already branded a leader in the MLM or NEtwork Marketing Industry. They now trust you enough as someone who will lead them to their dream; that is why they entered a phone number.


If you ever need to make a second call out to your propsect without them getting started, then it should not be no more than once. They should literally have their credit card ready and ready to get started at the beginnning of this call. Any further calls after this will position you as needy and that is a place you should never be. If you want to be a top MLM and Network Marketing earner, you should always and at all times be perceived as a leader.

In conclusion, many up-line experts are skeptical about the using of internet marketing as a levergage for Network Marketing or MLM. Many of you have experienced it under the camouflague of “Remain Coachable, follow the system.” You need to learn how to levergage this money machine for automatic follow up for those that are not worth your phone time. After all, you are reading this article from this same money machine called Internet. Why wouldn’t you use it as a leverage? After all, leverage is a wealth principle.


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