MLM Lead Generation and Prospecting Blueprint

Most MLM Network Marketers think the whole world should change and be involved in their opportunity especially when all they depend on is their family and friends as leads. That thought, hope or whatever you want to call it, is outrageous. I do not mean to sound wicked, but someone has to push a mop. Someone has to work in the place where they manufacture your tooth paste and basic commodities. Some of them are going to remain your friends and members of your family; sometimes your best friend.

As a Network Marketing Professional, one need to start paying more attention to the second word; “Marketing”. The only exception is if you want to treat MLM as a hobby. May I remind you however that those who treat as such makes less than $10 per week. This is statistics.

It is understandable because Network Marketing is the only profession that everyone with an identification qualifies to get in. You do not have to treat your business like that. You should prequalify those you are letting in to your multi-million dollars MLM Matrix. The following is how you prequalify prospects, optimize the time you spend with them and systemize their journey through your prospecting pipeline.


You need a funnel system that generates money and prequalify your prospects before you get on the phone with them. Traditionally, funnel sytems will not generate a dime, it will only take money away from you by buying endless leads that produce no results. This is one of the major reasons why most new MLM Network Marketers get broke easily before they see any success.

Today, you can leverage the power of the internet and generate thousands of dollars on a weekly basis by offering value to everyone that passes through your pipeline. This is regardless if they join your primary business or not. The funnel system is sometimes called the funded proposal because it should be funding other paid advertising strategies you may find effective like PPC (Pay-Per-Click).


If you and/or your up-line expert understand that technology is here to stay, then it should be pretty easy for you to understand this. As much as possible, your process and operation of prospecting and following up from start to finish should be automated without compromising relationship. Autoresponder is the automated funnel or funded proposal that offers value to your prospects automatically by way of e-mail. It keeps your brand in your prospects face 24 hours 365 days a year and generates cash flow even if they don’t join your business. This is called Internet and Attraction Marketing. Go to MLMBrothers.NET for free information on how to set this up.

In conclusion, most up-line experts will tell you to go to the mall,pitch strangers and get to know more people. “Socialize a little be more,” does this sound familiar. Do they not watch CNN, and realize the evolution of social media. They even stress that you have to go through a whole lot of people to find your leaders but yet, they are usually skeptical about leveraging the internet. This sounds to me that you have to take a lot of people’s start-up money to find leader while you already know that most of them will not succeed. The truth is that many of them are afraid of losing you as a business partner and most importantly, as a downline if you know and implement more than they do.

The world is moving faster and you will be left behind if you listen to a non-business minded up-line expert. Mastering attraction marketing will have you understand that all you have to attract into your business are leaders. According to one of my mentors, George Zalucki, all you have to focus on now is how to stand a real chance. What else can you think of other than mastering internet and attraction marketing?


Ola Abitogun a.k.a Tux Lawrence is the creator of the MLM Brothers International and TBS Wealth Institute along with his Brother, Shola Abitogun. They have over 15 years in combined MLM Network Marketing Industry, Business and corporate America experience. They offer free wealth of information for individual who desire a wealthy and huge down line organization for MLM Success. Visit MLMBrothers.NET to request for a FREE MLM TRAINING SERIES.
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