Basic Facts About Generating Online MLM Leads With Organic SEO

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You can generate MLM leads online with different tactics. Different people have different opinion about which method is better. One of the methods is Organic Search engine SEO. Understand that no one really knows all that Google needs to rank you no 1 on the search engine. We all have the idea but it’s never black and white. Nothing is black and white when it comes to Google. I told you recently about the so called PPC expert with PPC products that cost over $900. They all got shut down by Google. Over 50,000 PPC account has be been shut down by Google in the last 24 months. As I am writing this, we are ranking higher than some of the people that we bought their products on SEO. So, I know what I am talking about. Experience is the biggest teacher when it comes to SEO.

No Instant Gratification

When it comes to generating online Mlm leads with SEO, the result is not instant. There is no instant gratification with SEO. This is the major reason why people usually run away from SEO. Sometimes it might even take one week for Google to just index your page. It can take up to 1 month or more before you even crack top 20. It all depends on the keyword and how competitive it is. However, one thing that you can almost guarantee is that you will not get slapped or shut down if you follow the right practices. Your patience is required with SEO.

Generating MLM Leads With SEO Is Free.

With Google PPC, Facebook PPC and classified AD, you have to pay money for everyone that clicks your advertisement. You must have a deep pocket to really see any substantial result with these tactics. With SEO, you can do everything for free. Furthermore, if you can get to no 1 on Google for any keyword, you don’t have to pay any money to maintain that position. As a matter of fact, your work will become easier after that. This method is very much duplicate-able than the other paid methods. You if you take your time, you can use this to generate free Mlm leads first before reinvesting the money made into some PPC campaign or SEO automation tools.

There Is No SEO Without Keyword Research.

You can write a million articles and still get lost on the Google search engine. Before you write any article, you must do a keyword research on the keyword that you are trying to rank for. I personally prefer Google adword tool. The keyword must have enough exact searches. Notice that I said EXACT searches. For example, the broad searches for a keyword might be 1000 searches per month while the exact searches are just 200. 200 people searching per month is not worth your time. My rule of thumb is an exact of 1000 searches per month.

SEO Is 90% Off-Page Optimization & 10% On-page Optimization.

For the on page optimization, your keyword should constitute of about 3-5% of your content. Simply try to feature the keyword once per paragraph. Include the keyword in your title, title tag, description tag, Meta tag and head tag. Those are just the basics. Off course there are more like the silos structure,  deep linking, plug-ins etc.

Off page optimization is mostly about backlinks. Google is all about User’s satisfaction. The best way for Google to tell that you are providing value is by people linking back to your website. Google takes that as vote. You have to build lots of backlinks. So how does Google tell from the backlinks the keyword that you want to rank for? Google tells from the anchor text. I will not get into any technical stuff here.

As an entrepreneur, automation is the key. You have to automate the back-linking process. There are many tools that you can use for this. Our preference is Unique Article Wizard and Automatic Article Submitter.  You can click on them respectively to take advantage of them.

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