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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is the most effective method out there to market anything online . PPC simply stands for Pay Per Click. So should you market your business with PPC? The answer to that depends on who you talk to. I have personally seen people marketing their mlm business opportunity through PPC to generate network marketing lead and they are one of the top earners in their mlm business. I have also seen people that go completely broke by trying to market their Mlm business with PPC. So the question is if you want to start a small business, or already in one,  should you market with PPC and what should you market?

Consider PPC Only With A Deep Pocket.

I do not care what product you have bought. I do not care which Guru has sold you the greatest Pay Per Click Course ever. You should be ready to lose some money first in your Pay Per Click career. That is the bottom line. You will make mistake. The marketers that make most money are the one that make adjustment along the way. The real question now is that is your pocket deep enough to withstand the learning period?

Never Market An MLM Business With PPC.

The fact that MLM business is a numbers game will never change. Most likely, 95% of the people that see your business opportunity will not join that business. I am talking about the people that call mlm a scam.  Losing 95% of the time on PPC might not really be a good idea. It is better to market a solution to people’s problem. In the case of PPC, it is better to market MLSP or whatever system you are promoting. You are simply solving people’s problem.

Mastering PPC Requires More Than A Deep Pocket.

You will need to spend some time split testing and monitoring every little thing that you are doing with the campaigns. Micro tweaking of things like the font style, font size and font color could make all the difference in the world. Personally for me, it seems like SEO is less demanding than PPC. That is just for me

If You Want an Instant Result…

…then PPC is the way to go to market and generate leads.  You can simply set up a campaign and start generating leads like few minutes later. SEO could take up to 2 weeks before you start seeing any result. So if you are one of the people that want an instant gratification on whatever you are doing, then PPC is for you. However, remember that it is more costly than SEO and you have more potential to lose a lot of money doing this. Make sure that you have a deep pocket.

One Important Factor…

You should know that you are at Google’s mercy.  All the PPC gurus that are selling PPC course out there have gotten shut down by Google recently. So apparently No PPC Gurus are not invincible. I am by no means telling you to not buy their products. CLICK Here Definite Guide To Google Adwords for the ONE I learned my skills from.  I am just saying that you have to remember that you could get shut down anytime for whatever policy violation. I personally do not like that type of uncertainty.

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