MLM Leadership: Man In The Mirror

Take a good look at your Organization or downlines in your MLM Network Marketing business. Whatever is going on there is the best indication of your leadership skills. If your organization is growing at a very fast pace, this is directly proportional to the level of your leadership. If your MLM organization is stagnant, it is directly proportional to your leadership Skills. If your team is not bringing in enough product volumes every month, it is directly proportional to your Leadership level. John Maxwell calls this the LID.

The story of Richard James “Dick” McDonald and his brother, Maurice James “Mac” McDonald

MLM Leadership
These two brothers started McDonald. Due to the success of their 2 initial restaurants, they decided to start few chains of similar stores. However due to their limited Vision, they were limited by how much and how fast the chain of McDonalds franchise grew. Your level of leadership can only take you to a certain level. This is why it is a must to continually work on you and improve your leadership skills.

Ray Kroc came along to partner with the brothers because their initial success was very evident. The team became more successful and more McDonald’s franchises were founded under the three leaderships. The story was that Ray Kroc was not happy with how limited the vision of Richard James “Dick” McDonald and his brother, Maurice James “Mac” McDonald were.

So as a result he bought the Company for $2.7M. Ray Kroc was then responsible for making McDonalds a global success. The Size of McDonalds after the sale was a direct reflection of the different leaderships that was in charge of everything. Whatever is happening in your Network Marketing organization NOW is a direct reflection of your leadership. Fair or not, you are to be blamed or praised.

Leaders Lead Leaders.

MLM LeadershipThe story was that Ray Kroc sacrificed lots of his money, savings and worked lot of hours in order to pay the salaries of the new set of leaderships that he hired to help with the newly acquired business. Kroc recognized right away that he is not a superman. Your ability to influence and lead leaders will dictate how much money you make and how big your organization is. It is also well known that Dexter Yager, an Amway Legend, recruited just a small amount of people (including Brig Hart) and he has probably made the most money in Network Marketing as a distributor than any other man alive. He recruited and developed leaders.

How many people do you consider leaders in your organization? As I have probably written millions of times on this website, “Leverage is the name of the game.” Do you think Warren Buffet micro manage his $50 Billion+ worth of business? Do you think Facebook became a power house with Mark Zuckerberg making all the day to day decisions or he hires some leaders? Your Success in the Network Marketing business is dependent on your ability to recruit AND develop leaders in your business AND lead them.

The concept of leading leaders not only applies to leading people offline, it definitely applies to many of us trying to build our business online. How many times have you seen Facebook PPC ads or Google adwords ads that say something about how to recruit 2000 reps in a year? Now that is very possible. However they will never tell you how to retain half of those 2000 reps because the truth is that the retention rate sucks for those building the MLM business online. Why is it so?

Recently we had Ray Higdon, a top income earner in the MLM business on the webinar to share some ridiculous content with us and our list.

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After wards I was talking to my bro about how Ray Hidgon seems to be recruiting all the leaders in the online world. I am so not kidding you. All the so-called Gurus that you see all over the place are in Ray Hidgon MLM business organization. He is doing something right. NOPE, he is NOT lucky. His result (in terms of leading leaders) is a direct reflection of his leadership LID.

There are many MLM attraction marketing systems that you see all over the place. However the fact that “My Lead system pro (MLSP)” can lead leaders is the major reason why they are the best and I can tell you right now that they are here to stay. The success of MLSP is a direct reflection of their three leaderships (Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer). The success of these three leaders is based on their ability to lead other leaders that are making money with the system. This is the reason why MLSP is still your best option to make thousands of dollars every month.

Your success in any business including MLM Network Marketing business is directly related to your leadership level.MLM leaders Not only this, it is more related to your ability to lead leaders. If you are spending majority of your time on babysitting “followers”, you will be frustrated and most likely you will quit this business. For the second time, leverage is the name of the game. This goes for any game including actual sports. There is a big difference between leading and babysitting. Lead leaders instead of leading “followers.” There are many things that you can do to increase your influence ability. But the first step is to look in the mirror and increase your leadership LID.

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  1. MLM Brothers,

    The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang!

    I think that anyone can develop the required leadership skills to build a large organization, if they are committed and disciplined.

    Ray Higdon is a fine example of both those things. He is not lucky! He is an incredible leader who offers huge VALUE.

    Great post.


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