MLM Opportunities – Should You Join Ever?

Just 5 minutes ago…

I spoke to a guy who apparently is taking a look at MLM opportunities.  He was obviously scared jacked out of his mind of taking a few hundred dollars risk.  This is called FEAR where I am from. This is your worst enemy and it’s A DEMON.

He was exercising fear in the name of being bothered why everyone in the industry call themselves experts in MLM opportunities even if they just started.  This gentleman actuallymlm opportunities img admitted that it is the same in Real Estate which is his background, everyone calls themselves an expert. Then I told him, “may be you are over-thinking the term ‘expert instead of worrying about the opportunity that PRESENTED ITSELF’.  What is your definition of an expert?” I asked.

The Beauty of MLM Opportunities.

It is not complicated but people don’t believe that authentic things should be simple.  If it’s not named a franchise with $1,000,000 initial investment, then it must be a scam.

Skeptical About MLM Opportunities Like This?

Here is a newsflash.  Things are getting easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. It is the nature of human being to want to do things faster.  Technology was born out of this very nature.  However, the new age requires strong desire, faith and belief in yourself. Nothing else is needed or required to make stupid income these days.

It is NOW a Myth that you Need Money to Make Money.

That was industrial age and that was DECADES ago.  Another myth is that you need to know people.  You need to start getting to know people and that is 180 degrees different from the need to know people.  Get it?  “Start getting to” is different from “already know people”.

MLM Opportunities are Simply Part of Today’s Technology

… and are even more ethical than anything I have known human beings for.  A bad news for you if you are still skeptical about the industry is that, not many people will chase or beg you as we move forward to more of attraction and internet marketing.

People are finding MLM opportunities by themselves online.

It’s either you join now or later.

The only difference will be how long you keep being a corporate slave for and the kind of money you would have made by joining earlier.

Think of it like this.  Back in 1999, I got my first mobile phone.  I knew a lot of people who said it was another way for the telecommunication industry to have us pay more bills.  It’s simply a view and nothing is wrong with that.  My view was it’s the future, it’s a cool thing to have and I am getting it.

Everyone didn’t need to agree to it.  Everyone doesn’t need to agree with MLM opportunities neither.  Why not?  Because everyone doesn’t need to agree to the only chance for most corporate slaves to have financial freedom.  Simply put, it’s the way forward, find your way into the industry right now.  If you will do it later anyway, why not now?

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9 Comments on MLM Opportunities – Should You Join Ever?

  1. Hello MLM Brothers, another good article. You are right about letting people having there own opinion. You can only lead by example. Once you set a good course people will want what you have. I am proud to be on the team with you. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  2. I really liked reading your site, and it looks outstanding. If you get a chance you should visit my site as well. I hope you have a nice day!

  3. Yes, that is the first hurdle to overcome is fear and belief you can do it. Definitely something you can not convince someone in doing. That have to have faith first.

  4. Once again, great post.

    Like Franklin Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself.” When it all comes down to it, the only thing that prevents people from being successful, is themselves.

    Quite often, we are our own immovable objects. MLM and network marketing are the perfect arenas to fight your own demons.

    Fear is an opponent we’ve all faced.

    In order to succeed, you must risk failure.

    MLM is like boxing. You’re going to get knocked down a couple of times before you win. Just keep picking yourself up, shake it off and get back in the ring.

    You can only succeed if you face your fears and overcome them. It get’s easier with practice.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there with fear but I think they fear their own thoughts of failing more than anything. For some people it is better to stay safe in a job they hate and complain rather than trust in themselves.

  6. RIght on John… on the money..

  7. Yup.. thanks for stopping bye Diana

  8. Love the way you write my friend. There’s never been a better time to just get in!

  9. Great post guys, I like what Rob Fore says, “If not now, when?”.

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