The Only Opportunity For An Average Person To Participate in Greatness

For a long time (I mean since I was a kid), I have tried to put it in perfect words–the whole idea of settling for mediocrity. All of a sudden, network marketing a.k.a MLM came in my life and it all made sense.

Network Marketing is the only industry that will give an average person the chance to move into the TOP 5% of human which is the 5% that controls the 95% of the wealth on PLANET EARTH. It is possible to become all you want to become in other industries. It will just take longer and a lot more money that you have in your bank account.

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In this article, I will touch on some few concepts that Will Smith touched on in the video that is probably embedded in this posting.

1. Sharing – One thing I have observed in majority of people is their SELFISH way of thinking about their financial life. Have you heard statements like this…

  • I am good!
  • At this stage in my life, $60,000 is just fine.
  • My bills are taken care of…

Sorry, it’s NOT about you NOR your bills…it’s about your PURPOSE HERE.

May be it’s just me…. but doesn’t that sound like individuals saying this are not taking into account their children, their children future, their family–even if it extended family? What is wrong with an individual being in a position to be able to take care of those around them? What is wrong with just FLAT OUT abundance, more than enough… What if you can feed a whole city because God BLESSED you like that? What is WRONG with simply having enough to SHARE??????

2. Living – Let me just point out here that “Living” is not the same as “making a living”.

3. Making life more complicated than it is – I used to wonder a lot… and yes I wonder about a lot of thing. The one thing I know I settle …at least I am still learning to get used to, is understanding human beings. In my opinion, everything is simple just like it is for kids. If they want something, they go for it. It doesn’t matter what your opinion about what they want is… they are gonna ask for it. That is how they are until they start learning from us and start settling too when we adults say noTHAT IS A SAD ASPECT OF LIFE in itself.

Stop making it complicated. Life is a game and you either win or you don’t. Now let me slow down… at least in individual different aspects and departments of life. Your ultimate goal should be HAPPINESS.

Before you run and tell every one I said it’s all about happiness, let me tell you the top 2 things that prevents human beings from reaching their full happiness aside from good health which is VERY important.

  • Lack of Money
  • Lack of Time

When I say money, I meant lifestyle when money is not an issue. That car, that house, the vacations you dreamt or fantasized about especially as kid, can you afford it now? If you CAN’T WHY NOT?  Will you be able to afford it in 6 months time?  Will what you are doing now help you afford it in 6 months time?

If your child wants to go to havard and the grades are simply no good enough for a scholarship, can you afford it??? Ok I agree, you can be happy but that doesn’t mean that your loved ones couldn’t be happier, if money was not as issue to acquire fine things in life.

When I say lack of time, I am talking about those whose make $100,000 or more in salary but also spend all their time at the job. Well someone has to raise your kid. You or the television… chose one. You can have a lot of money and have a broken home simply because you don’t spend enough time with your spouse. There are many things like this in people’s lives that has to do with lack of time with loved ones and therefore lack of HAPPINESS.

If you are still arguing with yourself in front of the mirror that you are happy when you lack money for fine things in life or you lack time to spend with your loved ones or lack of money and time together, then simply consider those around you. If they are not happy then you are not happy.

Are you happy or not? It’s not that complicated. Make sure your loved ones are happy and make sure that your future kids will be happy. Consider that before you determine if you are happy or not.

4 – Non-Belief – Stop walking around with a sign on your head that says skeptism. You are simply a SISI for  failure if you are one of those. You tried something before, SO WHAT!  It didn’t work out so you scared to TRY AGAIN…. SCARED. FEAR. SCARED, Frightened by failure. Try and help yourself and snap out of it. Stop saying at least I get paycheck this week and START saying AT LEAST I tried and test your POTENTIAL.

Will smith discussed a lot more about these thing in the video. Feel free to argue with Will Smith but do yourself a favor and don’t argue with yourself. Stop being realistic. Go for the unrealistic success. CHOOSE TO Have it all…. Eat your cake and have it too.

So what is the opportunity for an average person to participate in GREATNESS. It is to simply help others get what they want and by default, you will GET what you want. If you are ready and just confused, my contact is somewhere around this article. Get some courage up and find the phone number. I know some people are so skeptical, they speak to me LIVE on the phone and they are arguing that my voice sound like a VIRUS…lol.  ha ha.  Let’s GO! This is the beginning of greatness. GOING the extra mile.

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  1. Awesome, great info and very interesting. Nice value to everyone that sees this. Cheers to you!

  2. Hey Guys,
    Og Mandino’s quote rings in my head: “You must persist until you succeed”. Period. No excuses. Great article!

  3. Hi Guys; Ola & Shola! I liked the video very much. In fact, it was the first time I’ve ever seen it. Great stuff Will is pointing out for us. What’s stucked on my mind was simply this:

    FEAR. SCARED, Frightened by failure. Try and help yourself and snap out of it. Stop saying “at least I get paycheck this week” and START saying “AT LEAST I tried” and test your POTENTIAL.

    Hope to see your returning comments in my blog.
    Thank You both for the good work you are doing!

    xxx – Mia aka Nasty™

  4. Thank you very much!Your article is very useful?

  5. Great article and video with Will Smith. I never knew he was that well tuned in! Great stuff, thanks for the read and the view.

  6. Great message guys! It is unfortunate so many ‘settle for’ instead of ‘excel for’, don’t have the attitude of pushing their limits but are living in a state of fear and lack. As Will stated, “He is not afraid to die on a treadmill!” But what really stood out was his thought process of “Representing Possibility” and that is what this industry provides for those that decide to excel.

  7. Hi Ola & Shola,

    This video is awesome! I know this video, I have it in my You Tube account. Thanks.

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