MLM Prospecting: Your Dream Team

MLM ProspectingAs an MLM Network Marketer, your main activity is full of prospecting for individuals that will make up your dream team. While prospecting, understand that everyone will not be a winner. Your goal is to know how to detect your soldiers and your winners. The team of soldiers that you put together should help you in the following ways; enable you to do what you do best and allow you to help others do their best.


The first question is this; what do you do best? We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some people in you MLM dream team may happen to be multi-talented. Truth is that most people are not. Because of this reason, it is important for you as a leader and a master at MLM prospecting to know the different personalities and talents in your team and even your potential prospects.

Let me just slide this here; YOUR TALENT DOES NOT MATTER in this business. You can quote me on that. Even though you can do a lot of things, there is one thing that set you apart. You excel in that thing more than anybody else.

If you have a great team, they would not have problem deferring to you when it comes to strength and weaknesses. However, the only way this can be possible is if you do not have problem deferring to your business partners when it comes to things that they do best. Being a leader is not about doing everything by yourself. Know the strength of your business partners and help them improve more in that area. They should do the same thing for you.


MLM prospecting is about helping others succeed. Your team should create the environment for this. MLM is a business of the people. Your reason for MLM Prospecting should not be a selfish motive. Your reason should sincerely be to help every single prospect achieve financial freedom and eventually making money a non-issue in their.

In your regular weekly meeting (assuming you have one), is the vibe there a positive one? Do you guys spend time complaining about your upline? When someone is presenting, are you edifying him or her with your attentiveness and body language? Or you are one of the people chewing gum loudly, texting on your phone and basically distracting others? When your partner is involved in an active MLM prospecting–perhaps answering questions, are you the type that like interrupting and confusing the prospect more?

In Conclusion, an MLM dream team should create the environment that allows us as a team to excel. If my strength is talking to people one on one and closing them out, my team should create environment where I can do that effectively and vice versa.

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