MLM Success Secret: Jesus Gave It ALL Away

Ok I know what you are thinking in your head what does Jesus has to do with Network Marketing MLM business? That is a very good question. As a matter of fact, if you study Jesus well enough, you will understand exactly what it takes to be successful in your Network Marketing Business. Jesus is the Master Network Marketer. I think I should start a series of articles soon titled; “Jesus And MLM.”

Well just to remind you a little, I have been writing on the series of what it takes to be successful in your MLM Network Marketing Business. I came to the conclusion that the only secret to success in the MLM Business is Leadership. Once you have the area of leadership covered, you are almost guaranteed to be successful in your Network Marketing business regardless of your company. It does not matter if your MLM Company is selling juice, lotions, weight lost products or Gold and silver.

One of the core points of these articles is to note that PEOPLE ARE NOT BORN LEADERS. I do not care what you have read or listen to. No one has all the leadership qualities (including John Maxwell) in the world because no one is perfect. However, you must have ENOUGH leadership qualities in order to have success in your MLM Network Marketing business. So the question is what is enough? Your bank account is a good indicator if you have enough leadership qualities or not. Understand that this is a journey.

Jesus’s Recommendation for Success in Your MLM Business


    MLM Business Success Secrets

  • Mark 10:43-45 : But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister: And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Ok a little disclaimer here; this article is 100% from Shola. Ola is the more politically correct one. He probably wants me to write something without appearing religious. I honestly don’t care when it comes to that. You either stand for something or you fall for anything. If you don’t like the PRINCIPLES taught by Jesus Christ (Principles of LOVE), then you probably have a problem. I hope that don’t offend you.

That quote came up after James and John came up to Jesus asking him that they wanted to sit at his right and left hand at the Kingdom of God. This led to series of responses from Jesus which finally led to that leadership principle that was quoted above.

The Core of leadership is Service.

The question that you must constantly ask yourself when you wake up is how can I serve as many people as possible today. When you train your team, this should be the core of your training. When you try to recruit, this should be the core of your prospecting. When you get on a webinar to educate thousands of people, Service should be the core of your content.

As I am thinking about what to write this morning, service was the core of my thoughts. How can I serve our readers today? As you are creating your products, service should be the core of your actions. As you are creating your marketing campaigns, service should be the core of your actions.

As you are selling, service should be the core of your actions or in-actions. Mark Hoverson explained this in his King Solomon product that not selling is doing disservice for people. Lol, yes that took me a while to get too. Selling and Service goes together. When you really understand service as it relates to your products or business opportunity, then selling becomes easy. Selling is a must for MLM business success.

A practical example would be when you are prospecting on the phone. The core of your prospecting must be service. There is no other formula to prospecting and being a recruiting monster. When you really focus on servicing your prospects, the pressure on you will be greatly reduced into half. I know how we can be scared of talking on the phone. This will make you ask the right questions. This will make you talk less (very important) and listen thoroughly. This will make you frankly disqualify some people who you feel are not ready on the phone. A Service mindset as taught by Jesus is critical to your success in the MLM business.

The same thing applies to when you have a relatively small or big team already. How can you service that team every day? 3 ways phone call is part of it. Learning new methods and teaching your team is part of it. Helping out at PBRs or home meeting is part of it (Old school MLM is not dead just reborn). Creating a system that everyone can use is part of it. Motivation is part of it. Let’s be honest. We are all human with ups and downs. Life is all about reaching out to the ones that are down and lifting them up. THIS IS SERVICE.

Giving out free contents like I am doing now is part of it. Shooting videos about some new methods that you are using to get tons of traffic is part of it. Doing these things is important, but also a service mindset helps you improve EVERYDAY on the quality of contents that you give out.

In conclusion, a service mindset is the core of leadership which is critical and a must for you in order to be successful in your MLM Network Marketing business. This is not true only in the MLM industry or Online Marketing world; this is true also in life generally. The only formula to greatness is Service which is the core of leadership. The ONLY FORMULA TO LOT OF MONEY IS SERVICE. I didn’t say it, Jesus did.

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