No Chance of Success If You Miss This…

The Lies in This Business Are Humonguous…

What baffles me regarding the network marketing business is the huge lies in the profession for the vulnerable and the weak. The up lines are generally lying to brand new reps that this business is very easy.  In other words, people are being fooled into the business.  Whenever you say to people that something is easier than it is, then expectations will be excessive unnecessarily.  When they get dissapointed, the vulnerable will quit and the few leaders at heart may find alternative because they say the vision beyond the lies by their sponsor.

mlm trainingYes, I Will Repeat… 97% of Reps are Making Less Than $10/Week

You’ve probably seen throughout the online world that 97% of Network marketing distributors don’t succeed and they are in fact most likely(DESTINED) going to fail.  That is true but true generally in everyday life ANYWAY.  The majority of human beings will fail at achieving their dream in life given that they quit most things they begin for deficiency of dedication.

Network marketing is just like any kind of business venture.  Most people are destined to flunk.  However you do have a personal choice of DETERMINATION to be within the top 3% of the business by simply doing anything it requires so long as it’s legal.  The TRANSFORMATION is just 60-90 days from the point you decide.

So you think you already DECIDED….

No Sir/ma’am, you haven’t! You know how I can tell? You just gave me an excuse. If you are serious, believe me; it’s really worth your time and effort.  It is just a choice.  You can decide to

  1. Stick with the business and make it happen till you succeed or
  2. Until the battle field gets difficult and quit.

Just like everything else, if you do just what others will not do, you’ll have exactly what others will not have and you also will certainly be what other folks will never be.  Well 97% of the 175,000 people joining the Network marketing industry every week are merely trying it out.  Get motivated that you’re going to make the business enterprise profitable since it has for so many people in the past few decades and it will also work out fine for you.

There’s a CLEAR distinction among the terms easy and simple.  The Network marketing business is simple although not EASY.  A system can be simple if detailed in writing and bunch of circles however it is certainly not necessarily easy.  I want to explain also that your pay check to pay check job is not easy and you know it.  Getting up at six every morning is difficult as HECK however, you GETS IT DONE to operate and produce millions of dollars for somebody else.

Get your job MINDSET out of the way for a second…

..and PRETEND THAT your boss instructed you to make a choice for a client between:

1. A job in which it will not be easy but will help make millions for someone else and couple of dollar for your client per hour and
2. A business that’s simpler, challenging (no doubt) but make millions for your client

What choice ON EARTH would you make? If you said 1st choice, YOU ARE FIRED! I used your boss to illustrate since your mindset makes you TAKE ACTION get things DONE only when it’s an order from your BOSS.

This is the very best Network marketing training you will ever ENCOUNTER.  IT will change your life.  This business enterprise called MLM, M&M, network marketing or whatever…. is authentic.  If you handle it like a hobby…  simply because you got started with under a thousand dollars, it will pay out nothing in return.  The business enterprise is actually as simple as human reproduction yet you have to strive within your very first 6-12 months and secure the rest of your lifetime financially.

What if you had to bust your tail for five years–so what? You’d work tirelessly for 25-40 years on your regular job anyhow.


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