MLM Prospecting VS Pitching: Relationship Marketing

I have something very common on MLM Prospecting SCENE to share with you as today’s MLSP (My Lead System Pro) tip.  In this video is a case study of a message someone went to post in a FORUM in order to recruit REPS. I dissected it and you WANT TO take a few nuggets and use in your business too.

Online MLM Abuse

Wayyyyyy to many people are not taking the network marketing serious especially online. It is been abused and ITS HILARIOUS every one of the 20 times or so that tese happen per day.. LOL. This busines is a prestious business but that will be ultimately determine by the way you treat it. It depends on how you go about relating to your prospects out there.

What is the difference between prospecting and pitching? BE CLEAR! They are direct opposite and I really hope this video clears it up for you. The network marketing MLM business is a relationship and people business.

Emotions VS Logic

Your prospects will join you based on the emotions you transfer during MLM prospecting and the facts. They will justify later with FACTS. That is why every time you get caught up in explaining the compensation plan while prospecting instead of letting the leaders and the videos do it. They won’t join you because you scared them away instead of connecting with them on an emotional and PERSONAL level.
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  1. Great post and I know exactly what you mean. I have many online friends that are doing the same thing. Unfortunately many people are taught the wrong methods for years thinking that is the way to get your opportunity or product out in the market. I myself fell prey to that mindset for years until I learned “the ways of the force” so to speak. Keep up the great work fellas. – Scott zlateff

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