You Don’t Own Your MLM!

My Lead System Pro List Building Tip

In This Video, we discuss why you should build and own your own list in Network Marketing. This is a short video of about 7 minutes or so. Listen in and be sure to note the risk of not having a growing list.


Many people run around this industry with the notion that they own the MLM company. BLATANT Lie and illusions. Companies shut down daily in the business world and Network Marketing is no different.

Relationship Marketing is not just for network marketing any longer. It is a 21st century business law. You must maintaind and build relationship with your prospect or lose them to your competition.

Build your own privat list is the True Immunization Against The LEHMAN Brothers. It also Optimizes your Marketing Cost dramatically by over 300%. I have seen way too many people buy email list that are useless. Be it, opt in emails list, bulk address, they are NO good for marketing.

Master List Building yourself and stop cutting corners. This is one of the major benefits that My Lead System Pro (MLSP).. yes former MLM Lead System Pro. This industry can’t do without this.
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3 Comments on You Don’t Own Your MLM!

  1. This is excellent! I always find my way back to your blog posts (maybe because I am subscribed to your RSS feed and your LIST) which just goes to show one of the benefits of having a targeted list.

    It is important to be building your list at all times! Thanks for the great content.

    Gabriel Johansson

  2. Great advice. Having an indendent list in your own auto-responder is a must. Developing a relationship and providing value to your list is hugely important. As my list grows my income increases. As I develop relationships, friendships even, with my list, then my income increases. When I forget to do this, guess what? Income decreases.
    Frank Kern talks about Good Karma. I subscribe to that. We are what we give. If we give to others then that old good karma brings good stuff back to us!

    Thanks for the great post and best wishes


  3. Hi Ola & Shola!

    Thanks for inviting me to your Blog…it’s so nice meeting you. 🙂

    I’m lovin’ MyLeadSystemPRO as well, it’s the ONLY way to go in this industry. KUDOs on your work here!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

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