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I wanted to come to you in this week’s episode of “Network Marketing 2.0 Weekly” with a very important message. This is a topic that I feel like we don’t pay enough attention to but may be rightfully so. I want to talk to you about your emotions.

If you don’t know what emotions are, may be I should remind you today. Emotions are pretty much the reason why you feel the way that you feel.

So right now, if you are getting ready to stop reading this article. For some reason, you don’t feel like this information is important in regards to your internet or network marketing business. Explore the real reason why you are about to close the window.

Dig even more deeper. Is it really because I don’t know what I am saying or you just wonder away…” what really does this guy writing this article has to teach you?” Whatever that is that’s making you feel that way is the emotions in operation.

It is EXTREMELY important to know why you feel the way you feel. Most importantly the role that they play in your business every day. Intenet or Network Marketing business, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s take for example that you are running an ad on facebook. After a few hours, you’ve gotten 10 clicks. Something that has nothing to do with profitability assessment or analysis is telling you to turn it off. Why EXACTLY do you feel the need to turn it off? Is it because of a lack of proper marketing budget planning or you are just QUITTING prematurely again?

You haven’t gotten enough data to turn it off or to make a judgment. Why EXACTLY are you making a judgement on an ad that has not gotten enough clicks? You want to start mastering why you feel that way and become a student of that situation.

Let me tell you that I have to check myself these days as well. I’ve been a victim of this kind of emotional operation of a business. I even overdo it some times to the extent that I pre-judge people that I could potentially create a profitable partnership with. Although since I started becoming a student of why I feel the way that I feel, I have been able to be “RIGHT” 80% of the time.

Sometimes you get HATEFUL emails from people that simply wanted to unsubscribe from your list. These people do not know you. You don’t know them. For the life of me and you, let’s find out why, natuarally, you feel a non-personal rejection.

That’s even not that bad. But tell me why a human being will quit on their dreams because of a simple noble answer like ‘NO’.

When you start mastering how to turn off the emotions that get triggered in an average person, your life and business start changing. Emotions and business just do not work well together.

When you start understanding that both side of the coin is ABSOLUTELY necessary, it’s GAME ON. You have to market enough to get hateful emails in order to get sales and emails of people loving you up from bringing massive value to the market place.

Why do you feel the way that you feel? It is paramount to know as this knowledge will drive your business 24/7. Even while you are not by the computer or prospecting, your emotions and ability to control them, even just 10% of the time, will play MASSIVE role in you business profitability.

This is the message that you should run to the bank with in this week’s episode of “Network Marketing 2.0 Weekly”. Watch the video embedded in this article for the full gist from me personally.

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6 Comments on Why Do You Feel That Way – Network Marketing 2.0 Weekly

  1. You’re absolutely right about emotions and business not being a good combination. Nice post by the way.

  2. Ola, what an awesome video…. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  3. Thanks for addressing this issue, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone talk about it before, a great video Ola.

  4. MLM Brothers,

    Great video man. Controlling your emotions is vital. We are all emotional creatures. We make emotional decisions and then justify them with logic. Thanks for sharing this exceptional information.


  5. Ola & Shola // January 6, 2012 at 10:53 pm //

    Yea Charles, Thanks for stopping by.

  6. the business is under chagne from a mindset based on a few have talent so sponsor lots to find those with it. the others fail. ie MLM. to new Growth mindset where everyone can fail because they are coached properly.

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