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Hello my friend. This is Ola of MLM Brothers. I wanted to come to you this week with something that I have been meaning to share with you for 3 – 4 weeks.

There was a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz. I am not really a boxing person. As a matter of fact, I don’t watch sports. That day, I decided to hang out with some of my friends with Shola and them. Shola is a big sport fanatics.

So that day I watched that particular fight and I was blown away. There was so much similarity between that fight and real life and business. Here is what I want to share with you today.

After the fight, there were lots of argument that surrounded whether Floyd Mayweather took a cheap shot to knock Victor Ortiz out or not. Quite a few of the friends we were watching the fight with thought Mayweather cheated and that baffled me.

Victor Ortiz had made a previous illegal move that he almost got disqualified for. He apologized and they hugged a few times. Then the referee ordered to continue the fight.

There was a last unnecessary hug that Ortiz was heading for after the referee had given them a go-ahead. Unfortunately, his hands were down. Money Mayweather took advantage of that moment and knocked him out.

Yes, Ortiz was not ready. Guess what.. life come at you like that sometimes. It might seem unfair but remember that life is a game and you should always be ready.

We are not talking about a game where we mess around and bullsh^^&&. I am talking about a game where you have to be always ready for opportunity–both offensive and defensive. You need strategic planning to play this game.

You may encounter cheap shots sometimes. Do not wait around for expensive shots as it may never present itself. You may never get that chance again.

Take your shots (cheap or not) now as now is the only time that exists. Expensive shots are what many refer to as the perfect timing with everything in place. Expensive shot can also be you waiting to have a similar success to someone else. May be they recruited 4,000 reps and you want to do the same. That may not be your lane. Milk the little chances of success that you have when you see them.

In the ring of life and business, you should always have your hands up. If your competitors have their hands down, take the shot as long as the game is in session. The move is all day ethical and that’s how to win in life and business.

Stop waiting for the right time, perfect scenario. It’s now or it never exists… PERIOD!

For us here at MB Worldwide, we are taking all the cheap shots and some expensive ones too but strategically.

Please do not contact us because we said we are taking every opportunity. The keyword is “STRATEGIC PLANNING”. We are not interested in jumping around companies. Be clear that switching from “so called” opportunities that doesn’t serve you is not jumping around neither.

Take your shot right now and stop waiting. I cannot stress that enough. If I were you, I’d take all kind of shots too. Just like in boxing though, you do want to skillfully take shots with as many landing as possible.

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7 Comments on Cheap VS Expensive Shots – Network Marketing 2.0 Weekly

  1. Great info Ola. I’m taking opportunities as they come but only those that are in line with what i’m already doing.

  2. Ola, I absolutely agree. No matter how big or how small, whether you think your right or wrong, TAKE ACTION. Taking action will always lead to some type of conclusion or outcome. But if you don’t take any action you can never get to an outcome. By taking massive action you will be able to reach for success now, sooner than later….. Thanks Ola, you are a steely eyed missile man

  3. Ola & Shola // October 5, 2011 at 8:15 pm //

    Thanks for stopping bye Bart.

  4. Ola & Shola // October 5, 2011 at 8:16 pm //

    Thanks for stopping bye Anne

  5. MLM Brothers,

    Keep your hands up!

    What great advice. Sometimes life throws you a curveball. That’s why you always have to be ready.

    The Mayweather vs Ortiz fight was a very good fight, despite the circumstances.

    Great blog and great post.


  6. Ola & Shola // October 5, 2011 at 9:44 pm //

    I am glad you like it Charles…

  7. Take massive action to figure out what doesn’t work, that’s how I look at it, brilliant post by the way.

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