Your Network Marketing Journey Is A Roller Coaster Ride

Roller Coaster and MLM

roller coaster mlmYou know it was funny when trainers made statements like that to me in the past.  I was always like… “What journey that is worthwhile is not a roller coaster ride?”  NO… Seriously???

I have been here on this planet for about 30 years  and every single time I have embarked on a journey, there’s always been a roller coaster, up and down, not very comfortable events along the way. This is not suppose to be comfortable my friends.  If someone promised you that when they got you in the business, they told you WRONG.

Stocks and MLM

stocks and mlm Ups and downs, low and highs, non-linear curves are all part of nature and you DESERVE to learn how to embrace it in your network marketing/MLM business.  If you don’t, you will be disappointed.  The stock market acts the same way.  Numbers are perfect but the market is being moved by emotional beings.Never mind what someone told you about buying and selling stocks with no emotions involved..  that is a joke.. LOL.

Let me tell you a short story here.  I had an Uncle who was wealthy..  When I say wealthy… I mean stinking wealthy. Someone who is this wealthy usually make very low emotional decision.  However, they can be over optimistic too.  NEWSFLASH:  They are human beings.

When I say someone is optimistic, that usually means they were believing and not necessarily operating off of FACTS.  Contrary to popular belief, wealthy people operate off of belief, being optimistic and instincts. ..  and of course, mostly rational decisions.   Donald Trump mentioned this numerous times in his best seller “Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life.

Back to my story…

My father told me that my Uncle lost so much money in one day on a trade, standing right there in front of a computer and sweating like a maniac watching his trade value go down right iu=n front of him. Mind you, he was warned many times by his children to sell that particular trade earlier.  I am calling it “a trade” because I am can’t quite remember if the trade was stocks or commodities.

Point???? What does this have to do with your MLM?

Sometimes you have to BET on your belief in yourself and your dreams. My friend, you are gonna hear me say “DREAM” over and over and over again.  That is what living life is all about…  at least for you if you have made your way to reading this article.

pot holes mlm journeyMany of you have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on courses, business opportunities etc… that NEVER PAID you a dime.  It is called a journey.  Everything that happened in the course of your journey doesn’t DIRECTLY get you to your destination.

Let me put that in prospective.  The engine of your car is the single piece of machinery that gets you to your destination. BUT you know what??  The bumps, the gallops, the potholes, the police, the potential hijackers, the gas stations, the toll gates, the over speeding trucks, the over speeding MANIAC…  all somehow indirectly gets you to your destination.

What happens sometimes when you get to a toll gate and you don’t have an EZPass nor the right amount of coins??? Do you stop and go back home? Well on New Jersey Turnpike, if you turn around and the cop sees you, you will get a $60 ticket because you were scared of just blazing through the toll gate.

Here is the point… SET YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE.

Stop worrying so much about the bumps.  Stop thinking about quitting on believing in yourself.  They road bumps come in all forms. Useless courses, business opportunities, upline promises.  Don’t take your eyes off the priZe and don’t let the stumbling blocks take it off neither.

It remains a fact that MLM/Network Marketing has lead many people to their dreams and it is getting better and better everyday because it is LITERALLY a science now. It is a numbers game.  It is based on how many exposures you are doing per day.  It is based on how serious you take you personal development.  It is based on replacing a screwed up mindset with a SOUND one…  and LEARNING THE SKILL SET which is where  the MLM Brothers comes in.

If you’ve spent so much money and you feel burnt, GOOD… We all did that.. meaning.. you are on the right path. Take a nap right there and there… and FIRE back up and get passionate about your dream lifestyle. The saddest thing that can happen to a human is to turn back right in the middle of a journey into MEDIOCRITY.

As a side note, quitting partnership with an MLM company is not the same thing as quitting on your dreams.  If you are not getting the result you want and you are in fact struggling inside you to get passionate about your MLM company and especially the TEAM you surround yourself with, find another company/TEAM and continue on the journey towards your dream.  Don’t be sold on anything that doesn’t serve your purpose–YOUR DREAMS.

Finally… Get excited about this roller coaster ride like you do on a real one.  Strap up TIGHT! …and don’t jump off the ride.  jumping off means DEATH.. literally.  It is same here in our industry.  Jumping off this ride means DEATH as well in most cases.  Most people take their dream right back into the grave without experiencing it.  My friend, don’t let that BE YOU.  Get excited about your dream all over again.

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  1. This is a really good read and I can relate to most of it myself. Some days it is really hard not to give up and I find the best solution to this is to surround myself with positive people…there can be too many negative people around MLM, including your family, so stick with the people who are positive 🙂

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