Network Marketing Scams Are Legal – TRUTH???

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If you are reading this, you are wondering if network marketing companies are scams.  Well first of all, what is a scam? According to the dictionary, “it is a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit.”  Let me just say there is nothing wrong with quick profit unless you stepping on someone else’s toe while making it.

network marketing scamsNetwork marketing on its own is not a scam. In fact, it is a legitimate industry that has been endorsed by so many greats like Bill Clinton, Donald J. Trump, Robert Kiyosaki who called it the “business of the 21st century.”  Indeed it is.   Think of it this way.  Because technology is allowing you to speak with your friends and family who are thousands of miles away without physically being with them doesn’t make the wireless technology a scam.

People generally have problem with change.  Change is what network marketing has brought.  Because you NEVER have to invest your life savings in a corner store again and have to sit down there forever with no freedom before you can become a business owner doesn’t mean that the new age business opportunities are scams.  Therefore let’s be clear.  Network marketing scams is an over stated phrase and it’s predominantly made up by folks who got involved, didn’t have the right tools and training and failed.

There have been quite a few network marketing scams out there.  I want to be clear about that.  But that’s the case in any industry; AIG, BP, Enron etc. I can continue to name USED TO BE legit corporate out there found out to be scams after all.  The network marketing is different.  The simple nature of human beings allows room to abuse anything.  The most important thing is to know how to recognize a scam and it’s simple.

In scams, products or services of any kind never exchange hands.  There you have it.  You know that you are involved in a pyramid scheme if someone recruited you into a program and there are no tangible products with an existing market and that really serve or meet the need of some customers out in the market place.

Network marketing is simply a distribution channel.  A distribution channel can legally take any shape they want and that includes a pyramid shape.  After all, your corporate structure is the shape of a pyramid too.  Therefore, because most network marketing organizations and compensation plans take on a pyramid shape doesn’t necessarily mean they are scams or pyramid schemes.

In fact, network marketing has legally produced the most millionaires in the past few decades.  While some people are busy running around the internet calling it scams after falling flat on their face, about 3% who recognize it as a low risk business opportunity are making hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly in 1-5 years.  Also, as predicted 10 years ago, it is rapidly becoming the best chance to financial freedom for any human being especially in this tough financial times.
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