Network Marketing Tips – Treat This Like A Million Dollars

This topic “Network Marketing tips” is very timely. I have touched on this before but I think it may be long overdue to rub it in better. This is one of the major reason why most fail and will continue to fail in the network marketing business.

network marketing tipsI want you to understand that there are bunch of Network Marketing tips online. Most of the writers have no idea and absolutely no experience in what they are advising you on. Therefore common sense is going to be your most valuable asset as you read these articles.

Why do I say that? Well, hopefully you’ll get to know me by browsing a little bit more around this website. The website is absolutely full of legitimate Network Marketing tips.

However, the truth of the matter is that you don’t know me yet. I mean, it’s likely that you don’t know me at all. So it is important that you use your common sense as you read.

I wanna tell you a little story and this happened yesterday. Quite a sizable part of the online community of network marketers know by now that we are one of the most notorious traffic generation machine on the internet. We get quite a few people here per day to fuels our online empire’s engine.

Because of the amount of leads that we generate, I cannot call everybody. As a matter of fact, we do not ask for names and phone numbers on our forms any longer; just the email address. The only leads I get to call are those that have used a credit card on our secured forms. In other words, they have actually purchased something. Sweet right?

So, this lady purchased the “Network Marketing 2.0 Deluxe” for $7 Bucks and I decided to call her. I try not to work on Sundays but I was in a good mood. Therefore I picked up the phone and ringed her up.

Network Marketing Tips: It Doesn’t Matter How Long

One of the Network Marketing tips that I encountered online back in September 2009 was from Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard. It has to do with your ability to be able to detect how serious a prospect is the moment you get them on the phone. As soon as she picked up, I knew that there was a 98% chance that she has no business being in business.

As usual, I gave the benefit of a doubt–2% and continued to talk to her. Apparently, she has been in the network marketing industry for about 20 years and she hasn’t made any significant income. Would you be in this business 20 years from now if you haven’t made any money?

I didn’t get this from any Network Marketing tips video or article. I made it up but it makes sense. However use at your own discretion. Here we go.

Network Marketing is a business ownership endeavor. The energy that fuels the business is the same as any other business. In other words, contrary to popular belief, it is a 24 hours 7 days a week mind work. Not physical but mind work.

No more than 2-4 hours per day is necessary to run this business. If you applying a lot of physical and not getting result, then you are missing the whole point of leveraging other people’s resources. You have to take that statement literally.

That right there will be one of the most important Network Marketing tips you would get any where. I promise. It is not complicated and the whole business is not that complicated neither.

The Greatest Network Marketing Tip

Back to the customer/prospect lady that I called yesterday. As I continued to talk to her, I was hearing the sound of dishes being washed. I stopped whatever conversation we were having which was mostly her whining about how she had not made any more in 20 years. I alerted her that I was about to give her tough love.

Here is the tip that I gave her. Note that I consider this the greatest of all the network marketing tips you will ever read online or anywhere for that matter. Here we go.

Consider this. Yes, she bought the $7 Network Marketing 2.0 Deluxe. Yes she has been sticking around the industry for 20 years. But she couldn’t put the dish washing on the side for 3-5 minutes to discuss her home business. How do you think she treats her home business? I

I can put my money on this “bad boy” that she treats it like a hubby. I explained this to her and I was rushing the hell out of that call because believe it or not that stuff is contagious.

I am glad that I told her to learn how to respect the business and money will automatically be attracted to her. That is not an overstatement. That is exactly what we experience here daily. That would be the greatest of all network marketing tips.

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5 Comments on Network Marketing Tips – Treat This Like A Million Dollars

  1. I guess she signed up for the course “Never, Ever, Give Up!! lol Gotta admire her persistence, but yes treating your business as a hobby will only ever reward you with a hobby type income.
    Great reminder,

  2. The tips in this post are definitely worth a million dollars. Thanks for sharing guys.

  3. MLM Brothers,

    This is a great post.

    I’ve learned that part time efforts equal part time income. The people who make it big are the people who take their business seriously.

    The information you provided is a great tip. Nice blog and nice post MLM Brothers.


  4. Great blog, oohh yes, you guys indeed speak and write as millionaires in this industry. I am indeed blessed with your million dollars network marketing tips. thanks for sharing MLM Brothers.

  5. I probably would’ve told her to quit and save her time, money and grief. Seems to me that there is persistence and then there is bangin’ your head against a brick wall. Hopefully, your words will resonate with her and she will take her business more seriously.

    Thank you for the story!

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