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Pay attention to these five concepts in your business if you want to go to the top of your company or if you are considering joining an MLM Home Based opportunity. The marriage of Internet and Network Marketing is here and here to stay. Network Marketing has been around for $125 years and it is insane to think that nothing has evolved since. 95% of Network Marketers make less than $10 per week. Way too many people are stock on the old methods of prospecting ad marketing.


Online You need to brand yourself. The company you are partnering with is already branded. Joining a company does not mean that you work for them. It also does not mean you cannot get kicked out as a independent representative. People join people and not opportunities. Most people don’t care about your opportunity. There are more than enough opportunities all over. All you have to do is type ” make money”, “get rich” or “get wealthy” in Google.

Think about it. If you build an organization of thousands of reps and customers and you get kicked out. Your company owns everything. If you don’t believe me, you may want to pull out your rep agreement and read again.


Traditionally, your list is the life line of an MLM or Home Based Business. I cannot but mention however, that most up lines teaches you to use the memory jogger to build your list. Who is your Doctor, Nurse, Dry Cleaner? Those old school methods works but I assure you that someone else out of state will recruit your cousin into your own business if you don’t leverage the Online Attraction Marketing and Internet into your business. This system will allow you to also own your own list.


95% of people taking a look at your business will not join your business. The Online MLM Attraction Marketing system will give you the ability to monetize the list of people taking a look. This literally means tens of thousands of dollars that you have leaving on the table every month.

A funnel system comes with online attraction marketing system that provides products of value to your prospects in exchange for commissions. This income will offset your other business expenses and put you in a better profit position


The marriage of the Internet Marketing and Network Marketing by way of Attraction Marketing puts you in a Leadership position automatically. I will be forced to stress further that people do not join businesses, at least not most people. They join leaders. The Attraction Marketing System is going to teach how to do just that.


The Attraction Marketing System will strategically position your primary business within your funnel and in the back end. The Network Marketing or MLM industry has been around and it evolves just like everything else. A lot of strategies have been overused and you need to be aware of it. Regardless of the fact that your up line knows or not. This is your business, not your up lines’.

In conclusion, take a close look at the top earners in your company today. They do not promote their primary business in the front end. Take another close look at all the successful businesses you know. For example, McDonald advertise the Dollar Menu on the front end because they know for a fact that most customers will buy the biggest Mac when they through their funnel door.

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