Online MLM Secrets – Tip of the Day – FEAR OF FAILURE

Your mindset and your MLM/Network Marketing business must be introduced to repetition of new activities, re-invention and habits.  There is going to be a pain period.  That’s what makes the MUSCLE, your BANK ACCOUNT, you spiritual life, your health etc. GROWS

In network marketing, it probably will be getting rejections from family and friends that you tried to show your business too.  Online it could be you getting FRUSTRATED while you are trying to learn Online lead generating and MARKETING strategies.  Rejections and Frustration ARE PAINFUL. That’s what they are suppose to be.

It’s just like PAIN and ACHE in your muscles like Arnold discussed in this video above.  Keep going on and on until you get to that last hurdle. That last bump is what makes or breaks many people’s SUCCESS.  Most people will not get over the bump.  “The last 2 0r 3 repetitions is what makes the muscle grows.” says Arnold Schwarneger.   One of our mentors George ZALUCKI says, the last 5%.  “That divides one from being a champion and one from not being a CHAMPION.”

If YOU can go through the REJECTIONS of family and friends AND the FRUSTRATIONS of learning internet MARKETING/online mlm lead generation strategies , you will make it to be a TOP PRODUCER, MARKETER and EARNER.  If you can’t… you already get the point.

Having the GUTS to go through PAIN, ACHE, FEAR, REJECTIONS, FRUSTRATIONS etc… is what MOST people lack.  Fear of losing “Money Back Guaranteed $29.97 right?….”

You gotta get to that point where you don’t care what happens….  You have to GET over the FEAR of failure in order for you to see success and PROGRESS in life and business.  These are the same principles of SUCCESS in anything in life since the beginning of mankind.  Arnold doesn’t care if he failed in the GYM.  IT DOESN’T MATTER, IT’S ALL WORTH IT WHEN YOU ARE DONE! Some of you are scared to opt in your EMAIL address to learn for FREE–even when 90% of the emails come with UNSUBSCRIBE button.  GET OVER YOUR FEARS.

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  1. Great information! Looking forward to more of your blogs.
    Check out my blog you mite be interested! It to simple to turn down!
    Turn you computer speakers up and listen.

  2. Great post Ola & Shola! It did get me thinking… specially that last part. I really like your point about fear to subscriptions. That was a great one! Keep up the great work, guys!

  3. you got it. you don’t question the Govenator!

  4. Contrast with black background makes it nearly impossible to read your text on my screen. Your streaming banner is very difficult to see. Personally, I would rather skip this than struggle through trying to decipher the text. Note: your right side ad with “Watch me produce 100+ free leads” is far more attractive, attention getting and effective. It’s easy on the eyes.

    I like your blog title and site layout. Great start guys. This will be a winner. Looking fwd to your success.

  5. Thank you very much!Your article is very useful?

  6. 🙂 Good point . You re completely right.

  7. Thanks, I really needed this. Keep it up

  8. I always learn something new

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