Online MLM Tip From Mr Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprise Publisher

Today, I don’t want you to just hear from me.  I STRONGLY suggest that you pick up Mark 2010 edition of Black Enterprise and read more on what I have been telling you about your business for months now. This is simple.

“No Business Without Technology” is an article you, especial Network Marketing MLM ‘ers, deserve to read.  This is an article that is written by an old man.  When I say old man, I meant that in a good way… as in SEASONED entrepreneur, Mr Earl G Graves.

Earl G Graves MLMSuccess people have a few things in common:

1. They stay up to date with the times
2. They don’t give excuses when it’s time to CHANGE.

I cannot tell you how many times in a day that I hear “I am an old man/woman, I am not computer/tech savvy” EXCUSES. Think about it… how many people gave that excuse about emails.  Today, almost everyone has no CHOICE because most JOBS require it.

My question for you… When it comes to building your business today in this age… WHY SHOULD YOU WAIT TILL IT IS REQUIRED by your JOB (Just over Broke, Jumping outta BED) to require you to learn some online marketing skills.  Why NOT apply it to your MLM/Home/Network Marketing business NOW???

The concept DOESN’T change… you just build relationship with 1000 times more people 1000 times faster.

“You can’t CREDIBLY START ANY BUSINESS WITHOUT HAVING A STRONG ONLINE PRESENCE.” This is a direct quote from Mr Earl G Graves the American author, publisher, entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of Black Enterprise magazine.

Someone told me yesterday that (EXCUSE to not build MLM business online), they want to keep things  simple enough for a team to duplicate.  Let’s be clear… the ratios of failure to success doesn’t change Black Enterprise MLMeither you KEEP IT SIMPLE or get to real business that Network Marketing is.

You have to learn how to go through people QUICKLY either old school/offline or new school/online.  Guess where it is FASTER to do it…  you got it right! ONLINE!!

“Whether you use it primarily for marketing, sales, publice relations, OR SIMPLY CREDIBILITY BUILDING…” says Earl.  Most people question your CREDIBILITY when you keep it TOO simple…  There is a thin line between keeping it simple and being PERCEIVED as an AMATEUR entrepreneur.  YOU deserve to start branding yourself with a SOLID online PRESENCE.  NOT necessarily that MLM business  only but your HOME BUSINESS EMPIRE.

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5 Comments on Online MLM Tip From Mr Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprise Publisher

  1. Diana Manning // May 6, 2010 at 9:55 am //

    This was so right on! As a 63 yr. old grandmother, you are correct….we MUST stay up with the times. Never too old to learn.

  2. Earl Graves hit it square on! I know network marketers NOW who refuse to do anything online except what their company offers, which is their company’s email system (which is really cheezy). I don’t get WHY anyone wouldn’t use online methods to get leads and build their business so much faster, and have a higher retention rate because online systems ARE duplicatible.

    Thanks so much for posting this!! You guys are great!

  3. Dear Sirs: i do not have a business but let know if you have anything i can work with,warm regards.

  4. You guys rock! Grateful to have you on the team!

  5. I quite agree with you.We all to learn how to adapt to changes when it comes.Great content….Keep it coming.

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