Prepaid Legal Reviews: A must Read for Prepaid Legal Associate

Prepaid Legal Reviews: What exactly is blast off?

PrepaidLegalLogo-tmIn 1972, Harlond Stonecipher started Prepaid Legal Service. Prepaid Legal service is a public company (NYSE:PPD), and you can find them under the direct sales company. I knew of their existence before. But they actually recently caught my attention after a lady tried to recruit me into her business. She was an associate with the company. Is prepaid Legal Service a scam? NO. As a Prepaid legal associate, can you make money with the opportunity? It all depends.
Product and service:
As you can probably guess from their name, they offer legal services for regular folks like you and I at a relatively cheap price. I am talking of $26 per month or something in that range. You would be able to pick up your phone anytime and call the lawyers anytime. I believe this is a good deal.
Also it is worthy to note that these lawyers are all experience lawyers. The last time I checked, it cost almost $100/hr to see a lawyer who just finished law school. But here, you get access to them for $20/month. You cannot beat this deal.
The services includes protection against identity theft, review of contracts, tax audit services, motor vehicle services, covers preventive legal services, trial defense services, , and legal shield. The identity theft service is not available for the basic package but you can always upgrade to that for additional $10 per month.
It costs $249 to become an associate. This is relatively cheap compare to other business opportunities out there.

Prepaid Legal Reviews: Prepaid Legal Compensation Plan
Here is the juicy party. As a prepaid legal associate, how do you get paid in the Prepaid Legal business opportunity? OK, I will be honest with you here. Prepaid legal has a complicated compensation plan. But let us break it down as much as we can. You get paid when you personally acquire customers to buy the prepaid services. You get a percentage as they pay the monthly services fee.
You also get paid when you recruit people and get them to become a prepaid legal associate just like you are. In the prepaid legal complicated payment plan, you can get to 5 positions.
1. Associate
2. Senior Associate
3. Manager
4. Director
5. Executive Director

Prepaid Legal Reviews: Blastoff

If you are on Facebook, I am sure someone has pitched the blastoff concept to you. It was actually getting annoying after a while because I was receiving an average of 10 new inbox messages about blastoff every day. What is blastoff?
You can think of blast off as the new Facebook (at least that is what they say). It’s the new social site. You can customize your page. You can personalize your page with music of your choice, videos, blogs and Shopping. You will get paid when people that you introduce order stuff from the website. There are over 300 retailers like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy or where people can order stuff. After October 12 when blastoff became public, people have the option to get legal special deals. A prepaid legal associate will get some kind of commission from blastoff. In a nutshell, Blastoff is just another way for prepaid legal associate to make some extra money.

Prepaid Legal Reviews: Cons of prepaid legal business opportunity
In my opinion, prepaid legal business opportunity is a good one only if you know how to sell. There is a reason why 99% of the MLM entrepreneurs out there are not making any money. Even though a typical MLM companies out there teaches that MLM is not a sales business. I agree with that statement. As a prepaid legal associate, you will need to convince the people that you talk to try out your services.
I will bet that 95% of the prepaid legal associates have not used their services out there even though they are paying for it monthly. I do not believe that the prepaid legal services have a great market out there. This is a tough economy period. The best product and services out there are the necessities that people will use anyway. Example of this would be a telecommunication. People pay their phone bills anyway.

Prepaid Legal Reviews: Should you join prepaid legal business Opportunity?
That is your decision to make. Can you make money with the prepaid legal business opportunity? Definitely. Even though I don’t like the market for the services, the compensation is arguably one of the best ones out there. As a prepaid legal associate, you might need to work on your sales skills a little bit. But who says getting financial freedom is easy?

Another skills set that you need to refine as a prepaid legal associate  is your marketing skills. What if I tell you that there is a way you can market yourself in way that people will running to you with their credit card in hand to join your prepaid legal business? You need to leverage the internet. There are tens of free methods you can use online that will place you in front of millions of people per day. You need an online MLM lead generation system.

If you do not have  a game plan for marketing & self-promotion that you are 100% confident in, use the strategy that we lay out in our Bootcamp. We are giving it to you for free. CLICK HERE to get it.


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