Prerequisites To Launch A Successful MLM Network Marketing Business

In order to launch an MLM network marketing business successfully, you need to have these characteristics in place.


There is a quote that states; “I used to desire many, many things, but now I have just one desire, and that’s to get rid of all my other desires.” What do you desire? Do you desire money or time? The very interesting thing about the Network marketing industry is that your desire changes with time.

Lets be honest, initially, our desire is to have more money or probably use a better car and live in a mansion. This probably explains why 95% of MLM or Network Marketers fail. Your desire have to be bigger than that.

What do you really want? Please don’t quote me on this. There is a research that says half of the divorce in this country (USA) could have been saved if the household income was $500 more. What would extra $1000 do for your family, seeing your husband or wife more, perhaps better school for your kids, better health insurance for your sick grand parent. Now again; what do you really want? How burning is your desire for that thing? History has proven over and over again that if we (human) really want something, we will get it. Period! NO excuses.


This is another common denominator for every successful people that I’ve come across or read about; apart from Paris Hilton. They all have a ridiculously great work ethic. Donald Trumps, the billionaire, sleeps for like 4 hours everyday. He is already wealthy. What is your excuse for sleeping 10 hours on a week day and 12 hours on the weekend.

MLM home based business is extremely simple but it is not easy. There is a difference between EASY and SIMPLE. Becoming an expert takes doing the same thing over and over again. You have to make that extra call. Go to that extra home meeting, write that extra article and shoot that extra video. I think you get my point. You have to be willing to go the extra mile. That is the difference between Kobe or Jordan and the rest of the basketball players.


Have you noticed those guys making all the money in your company that they are always happy and jumpy. Ok maybe the money that they are making contributes to that too. You need to have that sense of urgency. You don’t have any time to waste with a curious or skeptic prospect. Keep it moving. You still have some approximately 349 million people to talk to.

Your next meeting or event or webinar is the greatest and the only one (that’s what you are conveying to your prospect. Be Urgent. Also, be enthusiastic. If you read Ola’s article on the BEAR cycle. If you are not enthusiastic about your company, the product and the compensation plan, then you probably should consider changing company. I’ll bet with you that it’s not about the company though. Be enthusiastic about the opportunity that you have and don’t forget to tell your face too.


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