True Service: A Wealth Principle

True wealth is created only when you serve others. The more people you serve directly or indirectly, the wealthier you get. It is that simple. Take care of other people’s issues and yours will be taken care of. Consider the following factors when looking at a business opportunity in order to determine a winning business model.

1. Direct and Indirect Services: Are you directly serving your customers? Note this carefully. The more customers you directly serve, the poorer you are going to get. The more customers you indirectly serve, the wealthier you get and the more people you truly serve. The name of the wealth game is still leverage. Most people’s belief is directly opposite this truth, but then the road of the masses leads to destruction.

Serve a few people and teach others to do the same. When they serve more people, get compensated and the same process continues. By doing this, the number of people you directly or indirectly serve will multiply and explode exponentially and not just the slow and usual incremental way. This is the true formula of wealth.

2. Demand: Sell a product that will truly satisfy someone’s need with easy usability and they will keep coming back for more. They will also refer more customers. Try to get on a business opportunity with product and service that is close to oxygen and water as much as possible. This resources are needed by the human race either there is good or bad economy.

3. Supply: Timely delivery gives your business credibility and reliability. If you have high demand, then you need to match and surpass it with high and reliable supply. This can be easily accomplished by partnering up with a power house or credible company.

If you don’t have millions of dollars in capital investment, do not risk trying to own a whole patent outright and start manufacturing by yourself. It is that greedy attitude that made you run after just your paycheck every Friday that you are bringing into the business world. It leads to destruction and going back broke. Again, worry about others paycheck and yours will be taken care of.

Many of you run around calling some very good opportunities pyramid schemes. It is only an illegal scheme when there is no product or service involved. The fact that the organization or team looks like the pyramid shape does not make it illegal. Think about it; how stupid is that philosophy.

The corporate America is a pyramid and closer to illegal more than anything else. They give you a salary and then you work for over 40 hours per week. You are getting paid less than minimum wages and in fact, you had been misled; sad but true. Every company and organization is in fact shaped like a pyramid and everyone is involved in one.

In conclusion, the problem is that most people are involved in the corporate pyramid with slim to none chances of ever moving higher. There is always a cap on how much you can move up and more importantly, how much you make.

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