Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Residual Income? Any Correlation?

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Elvis Presley

My bro was talking recently with the guy that is actually one of the leaders in MLSP. Somehow, this guy does not believe that you can get true residual income with MLSP. Sometime we over analyze things. What is Residual income? How can you obtain residual income? Is Network Marketing the only way to achieve residual income?

Residual Income is when you do something ONE TIME and you get paid over and over again. When you recruit someone into your Network marketing team and the person went off and build a huge team. You will continue to get paid on everyone that he recruited. That compensation is residual because you only did job one time.  That is just a basic explanation of Residual income.

Some Network Marketing Companies Are More Residual Oriented Than The Other.

If your company is promoting juice or lotion, you will have to be on autoship for you to get paid on the retail commission every month or sell the volume minimum requirement. However, if your company is marketing services like telecommunications like ACN, all you have to do is sign up the customer one time. But every month when they pay their bills, you will get paid. That is residual income at his best. I am not saying this to say one company is better than the other, but just to explain the concept of residual income.  This is the one reason we don’t like autoship unless the product is money

online mlm success secrets

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died last year and since then, his estate has made an estimated amount of $783 million. Clearly Michael Jackson was not doing any work this past one year. But the works that he did one time were still making money for him (well his estate). This is residual income at its best. The same concept applied to Elvis Presley making the list of the highest paid celebrities few years back.

Can You Make Residual Income In Online MLM World?

If you are familiar with the concept behind the attraction marketing systems like Mlm leads System Pro or 7figurenetworker, you will know that when you bring someone into the system, you will continue to get paid a percentage of their monthly fee. That is a residual income because you only did the job one time but you will be getting paid over and over. This is a simple concept, but we complicate it. If the person that you brought into the system buys anything, you will get paid an affiliate commission on that purchase.

Internet Marketing Is Another Way to Get Residual Income.

Let’s say I am into the dating niche. For a profitable keyword with enough daily searches, all I have to do is get my blog to number 1 on Google search engine. This blog can be bringing in $15 or more per day. That is residual income because you are not constantly adding backlinks or adding content to that blog.

Generating mlm leads with blogging or SEO can also be residual. You can work hard for few months and have your blog ranking high on Google for major Mlm keywords. The leads that you generate from this are residual in nature. This is not true for PPC MLM Leads generation obviously. As the name implies, you are paying for every click and every leads that you generate. When you stop paying for the advertisement, the leads will stop. There is nothing residual about that.

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Online Mlm success Secrets

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