Secrets To Success In Network Marketing

I just wanted to share the secrets to success in Network Marketing with you really quickly. As a matter of fact, I am taking that back.  It is the SECRET to success in life PERIOD!

  1. I want you to GRAB a pen RIGHT NOW and write down the closest 10 friends to you and average their income
  2. I want you to write down what you think the average income of the people you work with in you team is… including your uplines that you have access to. (NOT THE TOP INCOME EARNERS in the company)
  3. Add this 2 values together and divide by 2.
  4. Find out the 20% of the result in number 3
  5. Your income is always going to be within that range of + or – 20% of your result from the calculation in (4).

Ultimately, the team you surround yourself with will determine your success in life and especially the network marketing industry. That’s REGARDLESS of how miraculous your product is.  The average income in your immediate upline team is directly PROPORTIONAL to the value that will be added to your life and ultimately your bank account.

Your leadership can have the miracle FART … lol,  sealed up in a can and heal all kinds of cancers… If you don’t belong in a team that can teach you how to get the words out (MARKETING, List building, Monetizing the list), then the result will be FAILURE sooner or later.  No one is going to be a superman. If you started a company, you’d want to surround your self with the BEST CFO, Presidents etc.  Network Marketing is no different.

If your CFO is not delivering, even though it will cost more to hire a new CFO, it’s worth doing EXACTLY that! To avoid financial destruction in your enterprise.  Would you wait a whole year and see if it works out? Would you wait and see if your CFO (a.k.a up-line, sideline or whatever) start to GET serious about this business? If you knew for a FACT that your business is STAGNANT or wayyy too slow like most people reading this article knows, would you wait until you drown and lose all the excitement you have now for WEALTH CREATION?

Here is the truth… there are teams all across your PRESENT company having success and your team inside the same company just seems to be a DEAD man walking.  That should tell you one thing…  It DOESN’T matter what company, what miracle product, what compensation plan, … your business will most likely not outperform your immediate team success.

If it does, everyone else in your team will think you are special and they can’t do what you are doing and can’t be successful.  That is in most cases anyway.  If everyone in your downline think that way, guess what happens to your business??????


WE human beings operate 85% on emotions and 15% logical….  This is a FACT that all business persons need not CRY on but capitalize on.  Forget about the RAH RAHs at the hotel and house meetings.  If there is no money/income/success/result motivated excitement in your team, then sadly, the days of your business are NUMBERED.

The whole point of this RANT is VALUE.  Find a team that add value to you and decide… don’t GET READY to decide.

Simply DECIDE…

If you can’t decide, go find a job and stick to it.  Hopefully, your 401K will be intact and more when you finally retire at 62.  Just so you know,  most people’s retirement at 62 is an illusion that never happens.

Network Marketing business is a REAL business.  YES it can be operated with DISCIPLINE for just 1-2 hours a day… but it is not a hobby.  if you treat it like a hobby, it will PAY you like one, can you TESTIFYYYY?????? HA HA

OK, enuff RANTS….

Why do you think your upline told you to make a LIST when you started?  Every corporation today who wants to remain a fortune 500 makes lists.  Just not with FAMILY and friends, we are gonna be teaching you how to build a MASSIVE list and leverage our PERSONAL massive list to build your empire.  The list is your own empire and not the company you presently work with.

  • You don’t own the company…
  • You don’t know the owners personally…
  • Your contract can be terminated at will..
  • Your only ASSET in Network Marketing is your list and your relationship with the list.

OK, really.. am done.

Online MLM Blog Signed

3 Comments on Secrets To Success In Network Marketing

  1. This is very good. You give us a lot to think about. Thank you very much, Andrew Gallop, Yee Old Redneck!

  2. Hi .. thanks for the article, i’d love to see more from you 🙂

  3. This is a great post, guys. You’re so right. The secret to network marketing is about the value you bring to market place. If you want to make more money, all you need do is increase your value. How do you do that? You do it by reading and getting the necessary trainings required to take your game to the next level. Discipline & consistency are very important.

    Thanks for sharing!

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