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How would you determine whether a network marketing company is truly the best available for you personally?  To begin, let me congratulate you with regard to studying one industry that provides average folks A CHANCE AT financial freedom ever.  It is not any kind of “get rich quick” program, it is a “get rich when you decide” system.

In case that it should be your very first time taking a look at MLM business, MLM is short for Multilevel marketing that means individuals get rewarded on multiple levels of generation as far introducing others to the business.  It was created to build a distribution channel for retail products.  Representatives involved in the sale force also earn money from sales they will personally generate.  Actually, it happens to be considered illegal when they aren’t required to generate sales personally.

Everyone will tell you that their MLM company is definitely the best.  Many a times and sadly, the industry newbies are driven by emotions.  It is ok to call it whatever you decide to call it.  Brainwashing, hunger etc.  They are all good and necessary to drive people to success in the business enterprise.

The best MLM company” is a subjective phrase. Many ranking websites and reps determine the best MLM company by how many individuals involved.  It’s like the saying.  The road of the masses sometimes, just sometimes be a catalyst for destruction.  So that’s not necessarily the appropriate path to follow.  The simple truth is that each individual need to make the decision on what’s the best company for him or her.  However I am going to share one or two criteria take into consideration.

As outlined by’s top 25, Amway, Herbalife and ACN occupies top 3.  They are simply determined using these factors.

  1. The company will have to be a self-described Network Marketing, Multilevel, or MLM company.
  2. The company will have to be running a business for at least 10 years.
  3. The company needs a considerable Google Page Rank
  4. The company should have a decent Alexa Rank
  5. The company must appear in Google Trends for any Regions during the Last year.

The youngest of these is ACN that is 17 years.  It is also the best of the 3 for me.  That is because you will find only a handful of companies within the MLM industry that deal in telecommunications.  Alternatively, most of the companies in Network marketing history has dealt in vitamins, juice lotion and so called common commodities like Herbalife and Amway.

Amway has been around for 51 years and over $8 billions strong.  Herbalife has existed for 3 decades.  I personally think that longevity is good.   However remember that all MLM companies started from somewhere  and obviously some started throughout their early years.

Being an MLM business owner, I do think you should have a way to extract unfair advantage out of balancing an innovative new launch that looks promising for future and longevity.  That gives an individual 1st mover benefits at the same time. Focus on one particular business at a time except if you’ve got a SOLID sales funnel.

Things change all the time in the business community.  Network marketing is not any different.  As of now, Network marketing is split right through the middle directly into 2 by way of the type of product you are on auto ship with.  Your auto ship might always be an asset or a liability. Not surprisingly, staying on an auto ship which is an asset create more to your financial well being even in the event you don’t sponsor a soul.

When it comes to compensation plan, take into account a balance somewhere between upfront great bonuses, also known as GPT (Get Paid Today) in addition to long-term residual income.  For those that decided to keep strictly with GPT, make sure you produce other long-term passive income strategy for your self even when doing straight affiliate marketing or Top Tiers opportunity.  Basically, make sure your home business can still operate without you even being around it for a entire year.  I still believe that you can build you MLM faster online.

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