The Best MLM Online or Offline – How To Find The Best MLM in the Industry

Thousands of MLM companies and businesses have come and go.  Just like any other industry, MLM companies shut down all the time.  Infact, it is the same percentage to the global world of business. How do you ensure that you select the best MLM company to join?

What are the criteria that must be passed in order for you to consider an MLM company the best business?  Before we get into that, understand that finding the best MLM is just 50% of the battle you must win.

As you are shopping for an MLM company to call home, always remember that the ultimate reason is to make money.  There is a common practice in MLM.  People get involved because of money but most people quit within 93 days.  Most of those who do not quit are sticking around because of sweet talks.  97% of them are making less than $10 per week. That being said, there are wayyyy to many people making over $300,000 per month.  This is the best industry to have a chance of financial freedom.

One of the most important thing to pay attention to when looking for the best MLM opportunity is how much competition that particular product that company is pushing have in the MLM industry.  The more the competition, the more difficult it gets for you.  Having the long term mindset and commitment to build a successful MLM downline is more than sufficient difficulty for you and you really do not need a product to make it even more difficult.

Pay attention to the payplan.  The compensation plan of the MLM business does not need to be the best.  It just needs to be the best when you combine other factors like the ease to push the product with it.  If you can find a compensation that combines a few bonuses into long term residual income, it is the best.  Not only because it motivates you, it duplicates the motivation multiple times into your down-line.

We cannot talk about the best MLM without talking about the team you end up with.  You cannot build a successful team by yourself.  You cannot play the superman role in the MLM business.  You need to mastermind with people who know what they are doing and are also dedicated.  Here is a secret.  The average marketer will duplicate exactly the results of the up-line they work with directly.  Find a dream team for yourself.

Every company claims to have all the tools you need.  What is interesting about that is that every individual and top team in every company has their own system that they claimed to be the best.  We can simply conclude this from that.  Your company’s job is to provide you with the product to market and manage your retail customers. Most MLM companies do not have the right marketing tools for those who desires to take MLM serious like a multi-million dollar business that it is. That is your part of the job–marketing.

A few new companies are coming up with state of the art marketing training and tools.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  But a company that will be considered the best MLM business opportunity in this age must have both online and offline marketing tools available for your use.  That way you have options to find you are comfortable with….  Some people don’t mind chasing friends and family… SOME DO.  In many companies, it is the end of the road if you DARE run out of family and friends… THAT’S SAD.

In conclusion, the reason why you are not sold on staying on a job for the rest of your life is to get paid more than an hour worth of your own efforts in a minute right? It is called leverage.  Be sure to join a company that does not put 90% focus on retail.  The way to become financially free in MLM and business generally is to have other people responsible for your income.

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  1. This is a very well writen article, explaining how to search out a proper network marketing business. Thanks, MLM, Andrew

  2. Victoria // May 11, 2010 at 8:47 pm //

    Great article! Just wondering, in your opinion, what is the best MLM opportunity?

  3. A well written and thought provoking article and pulls no punches on how to select the right company..

  4. I agree , it is very well written and gives you things to think about. Don’t just jump in to any company without doing your due diligence. Do you homework. This article helps you decipher what is good and what is not so good. Thanks,

  5. I agree with your statements Ola. Especially the comment about making sure to join under a leadership that will be there for you.

    I’ve had the unpleasant experience of being promised support and recruitment only to find out that I was on my own after joining.

    The Honey Moon was over. LOL!!

    But that’s OK, I enjoyed the process of learning, experimenting and eureka!

    Now I’m the expert and my upline is coming to me for help! LOL!!

  6. Greate Atricle I like your blog and Plz update it more I’ll subscripble you.

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