Internet Network Marketing Newsletter – This Right Here is One of the TOP Reasons of Failure…

Happy Monday my friend,

I’ll bet you don’t like when I say that greetings if you are still on a job.

Before I forget, I am now pushing my schedule around for this event that’s coming up in April.. Click Here to Learn More About it.l

So as I was saying, I personally love Mondays as it is like a Friday for me. My activities are usually just ‘subtle’. I am still in the weekend mood …

and frankly..

I don’t have to get to work until Tuesday but I’m here because….you guessed right….

.. Because I chose to

It’s one of those sayings. "When you get to a point where you love what you do (either a job or as an entrepreneur.. doesn’t matter) you never have to work a day in your life again." That’s what our dream was and now Shola and I are living it. You can too. Listen to Our Full Story Here

That has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with money. But.. fortunately, money is a by-product of "doing what you love" and that you get good at. Learning the skills that’s necessary to be the best at it becomes natural for you.

Today’s lesson is one WORD – Consistency

You can have the HOLY GRAILS of all strategy. If you don’t use it repeatedly and consistently over long periods of time, it usually lead to failure. That failure comes in different forms.

The most common one is… "ain’t shuuut happening in my business". You know why? It’s because you are not happening and if you think you are… I’ll bet $10,000.. YOU ARE NOT CONSISTENT. That’s it.

I know what you are thinking…

"But Ola, I’ve been doing this crap for 2 years with no result." I never said anything about jumping around silver bullets or just "hoping" for the past 6 months. I specifically said .. REPEATED and CONSISTENT, STUBBORN, I WON’T STOP or CHANGE till you catch fire on ONE STRATEGY That you deliberately doing and making sure you get better at.

Hope will kill your business and so will jumping around. Think hard about that and the times you’ve literally jumped within 2 weeks of starting something. Even though you are still in the industry, it’s as good as QUITTING. These things don’t change ya know. It’s…

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Recruiting
  • Repeat
  • = TLSR^2

That’s all you need to run a successful business my friend. Everything must fit in there somewhere or it’s BS that you don’t need but just distractions.

Learn How We Automate TLSR^2 Into Our Business Here…

"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~




2 Comments on Internet Network Marketing Newsletter – This Right Here is One of the TOP Reasons of Failure…

  1. Awesome post bro Ola, consistency will trump talent every day of the week!

  2. Ola & Shola // February 29, 2012 at 10:58 am //

    Right on Tyronne

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