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Trump_banner_400_short_pixAs you can probably tell from the name, this company is owned (at least from what we know) by Donald Trump, the popular Real Estate Billionaire. Let us also note that he is endorsing another MLM company called “ACN”. Perhaps he saw something nice about that company that made him started his own company.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had people ask us about The Trump Network. Is it a scam? If you think that a company with the name Donald Trump attached to it is a scam, you probably also think President Obama is really from South Africa. No, it’s not a scam. You’ve got to admit it; your first thought is that the company will turn gold with the name Trump attached to it.

The Trump Network’s primary product is called PrivaTest. Apparently, this is some kind of in-home test. It will scientifically determine what vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients your body needs every day. Based on the result, a specific blended formula will be developed for the consumer. This will cost less than $2 a day.

Furthermore, Trump’s Network also market Silhouette SolutionTM Program, which is a weight-management program. Also, there is the QuikStik which is suppose to replace the caffeine and sugar drinks (good luck with that).

Compensation plan
Ok, just like you, I was very much interested in what the compensation plan was before I start recommending anything to anybody. I have to be honest here, I ran out of that page as quickly as I opened it. It was too confusing and so many positions to attain. Here is bottom line;

  • Would you need to sell a lot of products? YES
  • Would you need to recruit a lot of people? YES
  • Can you make money in Trump’s Network? YES
  • Will you make money in Trump’s Network? That’s up to you
  • What is the market for the products? Not the best market I’ve seen. Mostly baby boomers and overweight people (Good luck in selling to them).

So do we recommend the Trump’s Network? I am not a big fan of start up companies. But regardless, what is your method of marketing the opportunity? If your plan is the outdated old school method, having home meetings, chasing families and friends, the 3 feet rule and buying of expensive cold leads, have fun being broke. You need a quality online MLM lead generation system in place.

We are in the internet age. You need a quality online MLM lead generation system that leverages the internet. There are proven systems, which will teach you how to use the FREE websites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube to market yourself. YES, I said “market you.” Are you considering The Trump Network because of the product or because of Donald Trump? See Donald Trump is a brand. Are you? With our recommended online MLM lead generation system, you will become a brand.


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  1. Hi, I started using MLM Lead System Pro a few motnhs ago and the training’s great. However, I see a rather high percentage of “unsubscribes” from the newsletter they put into my Aweber for me (or getResponse if you have that instead. So maybe their default 28-email newsletter they give you/us to put into our autoresponders istoo pushy. It may need customization as well. The service is worth it just for the training alone though, and it does an OK job of converting people into new MLM Lead System Pro members.

  2. gr8 resrch bro? lots of resrch!

  3. Hi. Very nice information on MLM Leads. I happened upon your pleasant blog while searching google. For the last few days I’ve been attempting to find more. Especially anything to do with the actual lead generation or companies making them. I’ve witnessed it all and my cousin continues promoting her recent lead system fad on me. So I am happy I found you. All the best!

  4. Cliff Nelmes // February 10, 2010 at 4:02 am //

    Will this help to raise my metabolism as well?

  5. there are many great mlm businesses out there

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