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Happy Sunday,

I sent an email out yesterday before I went down to the shore on a special situation that you should look out for on Tuesday.

THINKING BIG is a part of our success secrets. When everyone thinks it’s impossible, are doing exactly the impossible.

At the very least, we are asking “how can we make it possible.” That is the fundamental difference between the losers and the winners.

$83,333 PER MONTH is all in the email I sent to you yetsreday and you can read it below.

If you want to know how we qualify to show you how…. watch and listen to our Story HERE.

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——————Previous Email ——————

People ask us all the time…

“Can you help me set up my online empire?”

“Can you check my blog for errors?”

“Can you coach me on how to make $2,500 to $5,000 per day like you guys?”


Everybody wants to know the SECRETS. Truth is:

These people asking these questions are closer to the money than they know themselves.

They are asking for Mentorship from people actually doing it and not goorooo-wanna-bes..

… NOT people who just want to get them in another program because they want win a BMW.

Not people who push “$6 progroma that prints $150 for free” magic pills programs every other week.

These are smart questions from smart people who understand that longevity and sustainability in business does not depend on:

* quick affiliate contest money

* quick stupid deals

* quick leader board appearances

They can see through the bullshYt in the industry. They want the real deal…

…and most valuabl-y and importantly…

They want coaching and mentoring from real people that are getting real results. NO MORE NO LESS!

That’s the Ultimate SECRET.

The retail value of our 7FigureAccelerated coaching & mentoring program is $20,000 but we are still charging $4,997 at the moment.

It’s $1,000 application fee which is refundable ONLY if we disapprove your application and if we accept you, a balance of $3,997 is due IMMEDIATELY before we get to work.

Don’t get in till coming Tuesday as we have a special July 4th Independence day discount between Tuesday July 3rd – Sunday July 8th…

You will SAVE $500 on the application fee.

We accepted a few students about 4 weeks ago and some couldn’t get in because we didn’t have multiple payment options. Got new for ya … LOL.. we still don’t have it and we have no plans to have it. Sorry!

For now… before Tuesday, Learn More Information About 7FigureAccelerated Here
>>> 7FigureAccelerated.com

If you want a taste of what we cover in the program, Register and Attend One of these FREE webinars:
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The program is already designed to REPEL WUSSIES so don’t waste your negative energy. It won’t work for you. There are other gooroos out there who will happily sell you crap for $17. Go google them.

SERIOUS FOLKS… Again… wait till Tuesday to apply as you will get to save $500 on the application and potentially the whole tuition as a whole if you are accepted.

If you have questions, apply first on Tuesday at the $500 Discount and we’ll answer your question in person on the phone before we accept you fully into to the program. FAIR ENOUGH???

Alright, I am heading to the beach with my family, Shola and a few friends. We’ll talk soon.

Straight to the Bank
~ Ola & Shola ~

P.S. >>> Listen to Ola & Shola’s Story HERE

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  1. You guys definitely run a tight ship. I’ve been following you MLM Brothers a few years now and you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for all the mentorship and wisdom. I intend on starting a program of my own in the near future. Have a great day.

    Charles Holmes

  2. Always enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for the great content. Keep on giving excellent value!!! Karen

  3. Good job on this post!

  4. Always informative.. Thanks… Good job guys..

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