What To Do With MLM Network Marketing Complaining Reps

Have you ever had a down-line rep who is so good at whinning and complaining about everything? I mean everything that includes your company products, opportunity and compensation plan. They even go as far as comparing with all the other companies out there instead of getting busy with their development and growth as a business person.

I get this question all the time by email and I figure I should address it with a free blueprint. Yes, there is a blueprint to dealing with these type of people in your MLM Down-line organization. Everything in your business needs to be on auto pilot without compromising effective relationship building and the natural effect. Complaining and whinning members of your team are no different. Use the following three steps to tackle this heads on.


In the first place, paying attention to this people has made you one of them. Let me guess what you will do next; complain to your up-line? Remember everything in your MLM or Network Marketing duplicates; either good or bad. Feeling guilty about their lack of success will cause you to change from recruiting phase to management phase. This is the point where you start feeling like you should because of one person tweak pre-existing system that has worked time and time again.

Remove and eliminate all guilt consciously immediately. This is their business and their business is less than 1% of your organization literally. Most importantly everyone in your team should be responsible for their own success.


Prevent people with such trait from entering your business. Use the attraction marketing or magentic sponsoring system. There is free information on this system at MLMBrothers.net
Attraction marketing prequalifies people for you and only attract people that are hungry for the solution your opportunity offers. Complaining reps will literally have to sneak in your organization sometimes; it is inevitable. This system will help you to reduce the chances and the numbers of them getting in.

Do everthing your system asks you to do and actively recruit regularly with the attraction marketing system. That in its own should deal with your complaining team members. If they complain about the product, make sure you are using the product. If you can’t use the product, you are in the wrong business. If they complain about the compensation plan, go and recruit other people that sees the vision with you and prove your whinning rep wrong with a change in your lifestyle. If you can’t belive in your vision and the vision of your current MLM business, you may be in the wrong business.

In conclusion, the way to deal with complaining members of your MLM down-line organization is to not deal with them. Let your attraction marketing system prequalify and prevent as many of them as possible from getting in. This keeps your own personal emotion in check and it will definitely produce phenomenal results.


Ola Abitogun a.k.a Tux Lawrence is the creator of the MLM Brothers International and TBS Wealth Institute along with his Brother, Shola Abitogun. They have over 15 years in combined MLM Network Marketing Industry, Business and corporate America experience. They offer free wealth of information for individual who desire a wealthy and huge down line organization for MLM Success. Visit MLMBrothers.NET to request for a FREE MLM TRAINING SERIES.
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