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Today, I wanna give a little bit of a tip in the beginning of these brand new series that we call “Network Marketing 2.0 Weekly”. It’s about your time; it’s about what your time is worth and what mine is worth. What is yours worth?

If you’re struggling right now in this industry, chances are you don’t know what your time is worth. Wasting time on your present activities is not paying you. Also, may be you are wasting time on activitites that only pay you ONCE.

Remember when you go to a job, you only get paid ONCE. You get paid for that hour:minute:second that you work and NEVER again. There is a difference between that and this world that we are in right here. OK…

In this world that we are in, we get paid for what we are writing right now forever and almost forever and ever. That is the point.

So what is your time worth? Is it worth when you get paid one time and getting paid beyond the moment of the actual activities that you engage in.

Let me give you an example. You are reading this video article and I don’t know when you got to it. I don’t know if you are in Australia, UK or US or in Africa. I am probably sleeping as you are reading this though. But yet, I am still serving you. Do you get the point?

Reason why I am telling you is just in case you’d like to take this to the bank. If that is the case, know… meaning have a full awareness and knowledge of what your time is worth. Make sure that you are involving yourself in activities that’s ONLY paying you once.

Now, that’s almost impossible because sometimes, you do somethings that never even paid you much less paying you more than once. In essence, try to direct all your energy and time, when it comes to your internet or network marketing business on activities that will pay you more than once.

So if you are involved in video marketing the right way, many people of course will see your video way beyond the time of shoot. Someone might take just one nugget from your video, get served and actually take it to the bank.

That right there is the secret to serving more people that even the number of seconds that you have in a day. So how many seconds do we have in a day? It’s somewhere around 86,000+ per day I think.

Let’s imagine for a second that you were a superman or woman and you can serve 1 man in 1 second….woooohhh. You never sleep and you pretty much serve 86,000 plus per day. Even if you got paid $1 per service which means you make $86,000 per day, you do NOT have financial freedom. WHY? Because you are trading your biggest ASSET for dollar which tanks in value by the second.

What is your biggest asset? Your home? *NEGATIVE*

The moment that you figured out the SECRET to serving 86,000 people in one second even when you are not there and even while you are sleeping, your life changes forever. That would be the key to financial freedom. Contrary to popular belief, this is not done by being a superman. In fact, you require a certain level of humility to do this.

All monetary gain not acquired by way of this SECRET are temporary. Did I stress that enough…? Watch this video again. I would.

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  1. I just shared this post dude…CRAZY concepts that you’re sharing. thanks

  2. That’s a great post guys – So many people (including myself) did not GET this when they first start out – I was just sold on the time freedom dream but until you get out of the “exchange time for money” mentality, things will stay the same. Leverage and multiple streams of income rocks!

  3. So true Ola.. Do something once the right way and that right way will set you free.
    Awesome post ola

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