Xango Mangosteen business opportunity is not a scam: A critical Review

Xango Mangosteen JuiceI was reading one of the Network marketing papers at Barns and Nobles when I came across this company called Xango. You are reading this probably because you are considering joining the Xango Mangosteen business opportunity or you are part of the company already and looking for ways you can grow your business fast using the internet. Well, Xango is not a scam. I will give you a critical evaluation of the company.   Feel free to watch this video Xango reviews by clicking on it.  The head Quarters of Xango is in Utah and they started in 2002.

As you might have already know, they mainly market health related juice with Mangosteen as the major ingredient of the products. Xango has 3 lines of their products. They are Xango Juice®, Xango 3SIXTY5™ supplement, Glimpse™ Intuitive Skin Care.

The company, rightfully so, seems to be pushing the concept of Mangosteen. Xango juice is extracted from the Mangosteen tree which is a common tree in Asia. Mangosteen fruits give the human body a lot of benefits which includes antioxidant features and also xanthones. Xango 3SIXTY5 is a xanthones-dense Mangosteen product. It provides similar benefit as the Xango juice plus it help the joint, skin, prostate, bone and it prevents fatigue. Apparently, Mangosteen also has some anti-aging features. Bioactive X3 Complex™ is the major ingredient from the Mangosteen used to make the skin care products which includes shampoo, creamy cleanser, moisturizing cream etc.

Furthermore, Xango offers meal products. These are meal replacement for regular folks who are probably too busy to cook or those trying to drop some pounds. Xango also market Eleviv. This will compliment the Xango juice in terms of providing a balanced state of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. There are many more products offered by Xango.

While these are all great and fantastic products, I don’t necessarily believe that they are that easy to market. I am a firm believer that MLM business opportunities should market products that people will use anyway. It will take a little bit of convincing to get people to buy these products because this is not the greatest economy situation now. People are trying to save money not spending it on products that they do not feel is a necessity. However, the good thing about the Xango Product line is that it is diverse.

Furthermore, what about the Xango Mangosteen business compensation plan? How do you get paid? Lets be honest, you are considering this opportunity because you want to make money and you need a plan B source of income. There are several ways you get paid under the Xango Mangosteen business opportunity. They are; PowerStart Commissions, UniLevel Commissions, Global Bonus Pool Commissions, Global Bonus Pool Commissions, 500K Bonus Pool Commissions, Retail Sales Commissions, and Incentive Trips and Awards. You get paid 50% on all the commission volume which includes 47% through nine compressed levels on all sales orders and 3% to the Global Bonus Pool. These are huge percentages. It would have been better if you get paid to the infinity. But you have to sell the products.

Even though Xango is not a scam, can you make money with the Xango Mangosteen business opportunity? Absolutely. If you are influential enough, and people trust you, not only will you sell a lot of the Mangosteen juice and products, but you will also recruit a lot people along the way that will run away with this and make money for themselves and you. People will join you not Xango.

However, an average network marketer makes $10/week. Yes, you read that right. How can you not be in that category? Some things never change. You need to talk to a whole lot of people faster to make money with the Xango Mangosteen business opportunity. You can do that by leveraging the internet and generating 50-100 leads per day. What differences will talking to that many people, who already want what you are selling, makes in your business?


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