Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint (Mark Hoverson’s) Review (#1 Bonus)

Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint is a heck of a product name that speaks for itself. I will give a complete review of this product below in this post. However, I want to let you know that this product training content is not something you can afford to avoid if you have plans to make the million dollar in either Internet or Network Marketing. As a matter of fact, in business PERIOD!

This Bonus is ONLY Good for the First 10

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Remember that Micro Machines guy that talked really fast, because he was selling those Micro Machines. Well that’s how I feel describing this course in a lightening fast product review. There’s the visual of it. It’s going to be six modules over six weeks with a bonus seventh week module, another bonus on top of that, and there’s going to be action guides with each one.

Module 1 Review of Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint

Super short break down of Module 1 is going to be irresistible caffeine product creation. Caffeine products are products that people create that are instant cash creators on their list. They’re usually temporary products. They’re quick. They’re fast. They’re two or three webinar series. They’re a traffic. Usually, it revolves around creating traffic products that are quick. I have teammates who do this all the time. I’m going to prove this concept in the training videos. Caffeine products usually don’t have a very long shelf life. Like if you do a Facebook product. Here’s an example. Somebody has a Facebook they generate 10 leads a day on Facebook. They can go to their list of 50 people and say for $75 I’m going to show you exactly how I create 10 leads a day. I’m going to show my keywords, campaigns, ads, and everything. What they’re able to do. They’re able to recoup some of the investment they’ve put into their list. Plus, brand themselves as a leader. Plus, they create more distributors from their caffeine products. It’s a lot different from rolling out a big product, but that’s Module 1. I’m going to give the exact blueprint on how to do it. I have teammates do it all the time. I do it all the time. It’s a great monetization strategy. Very few people do it.

Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint review Module 2 going to be how to create irresistible teams. Meaning, a lot of times people just get a buyer, and it’s the end of the game. What you want to do is to have affiliates and distributors, and this is particularly special for MLMers. I’m going to show them how to not just create distributors, but you info-market differently to your team, than you do to your prospects. So once they’re on their team there’s a different leadership posture that you take. I’m going to teach them exactly how to create irresistible teams. How to create competitions within teams. How to find dark horses within your teams. All these strategies that I’ve applied to create. Literally, I’ve co-created up to 8 figures now. You’re going to see that in Module 2.

Mark Hoverson's Irresistibale Info-Marketing BlueprintModule 3 going to be irresistible email with a video bonus edge at the end. The gist of it, you know this as a marketer. Without great emails, we have no business. So what we’re going to do is go a little bit into the ad copy, but a variety of modalities to hit email strategies that cause money. I’m going to go into what is an irresistible email. What causes people to want to open emails every time you send them, and also, how to use video inside of email really as the grease to get to pages. So that you can sell and pre-sell in emails and all these things. We give a bunch of tricks there.

Module 4 Review of Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint

Module 4 irresistible selling webinars. Not just to host a webinar, but I’ve identified roughly 37 components to an irresistible selling webinar. I’ve done webinars for those of you who know my story. I made all of my money selling webinars. So what they’re going to do. I’m going to have gaming elements inside of this too. Meaning for all of the participants during Modular 4 I’m going to put a challenge out to all the participants and pay out a couple $1000 to people who host selling webinars. Even if they have lists of 200 or less people. I’m going to create a handicap via list size, and we’re going to really get the participants engaged in hosting webinars that sell stuff. Not just share information, but actually close and sell. I’m going to unload the whole download on what I’ve learned from QVC and direct response, but also infomercials and the whole thing. How to apply it and roll it into webinars. This is going to be literally a life changer for a lot of people, Modular 4.

This Bonus is ONLY Good for the First 10

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Module 5, irresistible crop products. These are long term asset products. These aren’t like the caffeine products that have a short shelf-life. These are products like what I’ve created so CEO (sp?). I keep making money on that every time that I speak I sell it. MLA Launch Formula (sp?), that is an evergreen product that I keep making thousands on over and over and over. Leadership Branding is another product that I’ve done that is a crop product. I’m going to teach you the concepts and the distinctions between a caffeine product and a crop product. This is like a big info product. This can be a passion product of theirs. So kind of personal development product, but it’s something that has a long term asset potential for them. I’ve done it with 3 different products. I’m going to show them how I do it, Module 5 of Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint.

Module 6 is irresistible speaking secrets. In other words, when they get on stage, if they so desire to market on stage. Information marketing again, if you get really good at it you’re going to get invited to speak on stage. And so, what I’m going to teach them the difference of when you finish your speech people clapping and giving you a high five versus when you finish your speech people with their heads down filling out order forms giving you $5000 dollars. There’s a huge distinction. We’re not after how to give a pretty speech. How to give a selling speech that people love that has high impact and high profit. Many people are going to buy simply for Modular 6.

Bonus Module Review of Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint

Module 7 is a bonus, especially for the MLM networking marketing crowd who still closes people on the phone. It’s 21 friction free word for word recruiting secrets. This is the blue prints for what I’ve said over and over. I don’t make a lot of sales on the phone anymore, but my team does. I have made hundreds and hundreds of high ticket sales on the phone. I’m going to give the whole download on how to really be a master friction free recruiting monster on the phone. Again, people are going to buy simply for this module as well.

I’ve created these different modules with a lot of different edges all around the umbrella of information marketing. Meaning, whatever we’re selling online the only thing people can see is words, videos, and emails. It’s all information. No matter even if you’re selling a hard product that arrives in the mail. The only thing that they can see before they buy it is information. So it’s all under the information umbrella.

Another bonus with Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint is going to be Information Product Blueprint Live. I taught this at a $4000 intimate conference. 25 people flew in from all over the world. I’m going to give the download on this. People, again, are going to buy this just for this product. So we’ve hit a lot of different buying triggers. Then again we’ve got a lot of other goodies, but I wanted to give you a quick run down on what the actual product is going to be.

In addition, see the banner below…

This Bonus is ONLY Good for the First 10

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30 days after you purchase, Mark Hoverson will send me the list of buyers and you will be given access to Traffic Graviator within 24-48 hours. It’s going to be hot. I love your support again. Thanks for helping me bring this message to the market place. We want you to use this information and start getting paid quickly. We also want to change a lot of lives with this. Peace.

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