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    Buying a Job or Investing in a Business | myEmpiSODE #70

    WTF? I know! The question doesn't make any sense. Thing is there is always a knuckle head that sneaks into my newsletter and ask that stupid question. "Why do I have to pay money first if you are so rich?" I know it wasn't you but someone will ask you too and here is the answer you give them. WATCH THE VIDEO.


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    Restoring The Foundation of America | myEmpiSODE #69

    It is a FACT that everyone cannot be entrepreneurs. Sorry but someone has to push a mop. It is simply what it is. I won't sit here and try to convince you on financial freedom or free enterprise. But I have a special message on my your choice is affecting our economy. WATCH THIS VIDEO.


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    Finding Your Subniche… | myEmpiSODE #68

    Ya know.. everyone is trying to make money online. There is a significant amount of wannabes doing the same EXACT things. Common sense would suggest to set yourself apart if you want to stand a chance of making money. WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn.


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    Enjoying the Journey of Wealth Creation | myEmpiSODE #67

    Anything that's worth acquiring will have some LITERAL pain attached to the process. In fact, without the pain you wouldn't know the value of what you've got when you acquire it. If you don't know the value, then you won't protect it and there you won't keep it for long if you ever acquired it in the first place. But I doubt it. Money obeys every single one of these rules. WATCH THIS VIDEO.


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    The Only Path to Failure in Achieving Your Dreams | myEmpiSODE #66

    That's true. There is ONLY one path to failing in business and achieving your dreams. It's makes it simple for you to avoid once you know what the path is. Watch this video to learn more.


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