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    I’m Disappointed… | myEmpiSODE #33

    What are your expectations of other people in your team? Are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment? What is realistic as far what you should be experiencing with your team members? WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR CLARITY NOW!


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    Bad Mistake (AVOID) | myEmpiSODE #32

    This myEmpiSODE #32 is about a BIG Mistake that you need to avoid if you plan on winning, making money and creating the result that you DESIRE (not deserve) in you business. Trust me! It is that serious. WATCH THIS VIDEO & AVOID!


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    You & I Can Pull This Outta Our ARSE Anytime… | myEmpiSODE #31

    There is that ONE thing. It has everything to do with your business and you've got more than enough of it.... you can pull it out of your ARSE anytime. However it ONLY moves your business in ONE DIRECTION--Downwards! WATCH THIS VIDEO!


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    Does this make sense at all? | myEmpiSODE #30

    A big question comes to mind when I'm ready to execute daily in my business. In this myEmpiSODE, I share that question with you that over 92% of marketers don't ask. It is no coincidence that about 92% PLUS more are getting result in their business. WATCH THIS VIDEO!


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    Community Help NEEDED… | myEmpiSODE #29

    In this myEmpiSODE, I share ONE of the greatest sales and funnel conversion SECRETS of all time. If you get any amount of traffic, you'd understand that without conversions, your business is NOT really a business. Watch the VIDEO.


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