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    Playing it Safe or “Just Doing It” BIG? | myEmpiSODE #58

    Hey listen here... There is an attitude you can have about your business that will destine it for FAILURE no matter how many sneaky "CHEAP" tactics you use. You have to learn how to start "doing it BIG" in your head before it manifests in your business and bank account. ( per REAL LIFE.) Watch this video to see what I mean.


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    The Bootcamp and Dangers of Skipping… | myEmpiSODE #57

    There is a process that 95+% of people that desire success skips. In fact there are chances that you skipped it. Little to no wonder why there are also chances you are creating the result that you want and the money and lifestyle you wanted. Watch this video for FREE so you can pay your dues finally!


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    The Warrior and His/Her Attitutde | myEmpiSODE #56

    Yea... it's really not that different from the requirement to take your business to the next level if you are like most people. A lot of people have been lied to that they can come in our FINANCIAL FREEDOM industry and make money as a wussy. It's simply not true. Watch this video!


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    Rich and Weallthy People are Evil? | myEmpiSODE #55

    Rich people are evil. Don't you think so? I have a lot to share with you about that. *NOT* May be you already guessed that I am trying to trick you to watch this video. Why not just PRESS PLAY. trust me you'd like it. You need to watch it anyway.


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    Is this Another Scam Bullsh&T? | myEmpiSODE #54

    I can see that a lot of marketers still struggle with an appropriate response to that ULTIMATE famous &favorite wussies's question. "Is this a scam?" OR like some of my replied spam emails would say... "Is this another one of those BULLSH*T?' Watch this video to see my take on it. You'd love it.


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